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Yuga Labs has refunded all otherdeed NFT miners who were unsuccessful.

The refund for failing Otherdeed NFT minters has now been completed by BAYC and Otherside founder Yuga Labs. Given the large number of failed transactions during the mint last week, the Yuga Labs refund took some time. However, many people are still dissatisfied with how the event unfolded.

What happened during the mint on the Otherside?

Everyone anticipated gas warfare leading up to the mint, yet the highly anticipated mint caused the Ethereum blockchain to crash. Throughout the night, the average price of Ethereum gas fees was roughly 100-200 times the regular prices. Despite this, many people gambled and spent hundreds of dollars on gas for each attempt. Many plots were left in the dust that night due to the limited amount of plots available.

Even after Yuga Labs issued a refund, the company continues to face criticism and demands. Decentralization, according to Lin Dai, BAYC holder and CEO of OneOf, should not be used as a justification for this incident. Especially when Yuga Labs is backed by a number of centralised venture capital firms. As a result, he calls on the DAO to be accountable to the public.

Here’s where you may look for your Yuga Labs refund.

To begin, go to Etherscan and type in your wallet address into the search bar. When you click on ‘Internal Txns’ (the second tab), you’ll find your Otherside gas fee refund. Token Multisender has been hired by Yuga Labs to handle all refunds. If you have more than one eligible transaction for a refund, they will be pooled into a single refund.

Scammers will undoubtedly take advantage of this opportunity. As a result, Yuga Labs advises everyone to exercise caution and avoid interacting with any questionable tokens in their wallet. Clicking on them, or even attempting to erase them, may jeopardise your valuables.

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