Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, Is optimistic on the Metaverse

The head of Microsoft’s Xbox, Phil Spencer, is bullish, yet conservative (due to profitable and speculative aspects) on the overall metaverse space and play- to- earn games. Interestingly, he suggested that gamers have been plating in metaverse worlds for a complete 30 years.

Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, expressed his studies on P2E and Metaverse recently.

The Xbox Head’s Thoughts

Speaking to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang, Phil Spencer expressed his studies on the metaverse and play- to- earn games. He stated “My view on Metaverse is that gamers have been added in the Metaverse accordingly for around 30 years. When you are playing games, if you are playing a World of Warcraft game, you ’re playing in Roblox, you ’re playing in a racing game where everybody’s in a participated world.

He did mention that the commercial openings in the metaverse space continues to pique the interest of himself, Microsoft, and the company’s CEO Satya Nadella, too.

Speaking specifically on P2E games, he said “Play- to- earn specifically is commodity I ’m cautious about. It usually creates a worker force out of players, for certain players to kind of monetize. ”He added “I suppose occasionally it’s a hammer looking for a nail when these technologies come up. But the actual human use — or player use, in our case — of these technologies, I suppose there could be some interesting effects”

His thoughts this time around are more positive than the last time he spoke on the content. In the last year of November, he was billed as an ‘NFT naysayer’.

About Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer is an American business administrative and the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, making him the current head of the Xbox brand. He joined Microsoft in 1988 as an intern and has worked in various roles, leading the development of Microsoft’s first CD- ROM- grounded titles, and being the Development director for Microsoft Money, for example.
In his early days at Microsoft, his associates knew him as an avid gamer, as he’d frequently play video games when in the office.

With the launch of the Xbox in 2001, Spencer joined the Xbox platoon and served as general director of Microsoft Game Studios EMEA. Then, in 2008m he came the General Director of Microsoft Studios and the Corporate Vice President a year later. He also began leading the Xbox- related team in 2014, which he has done in various roles since.

Xbox NFTs

Xbox has yet to step into the NFT world officially yet, alongside their parent company Microsoft, who “put an end” to Minecraft’s NFT games in July of this time. still, an unofficial art NFT was created by @pabloandrespozo, a digital artist. You can also see the crazy piece of zoom-out art, on his Instagram.

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