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World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb Dropping NFTs on MyTVchain

Sebastien Loeb, the World Rally Champion, will release his first NFT collection, “The First,” on MyTVchain this month! As a result, the intricate digital materials are based on Loeb’s first World Rally Championship triumph, which he achieved in 2004. This community-driven collection provides the ultimate fan experience, from meeting Loeb himself to gaining Metaverse usefulness.

What is the “First” NFT collection by Sebastien Loeb?

In essence, “The First” is a collection of 2004 NFTs starring Sebastien Loeb, a professional rally driver. In fact, the visual materials show important moments from Loeb’s maiden World Rally Championship victory in 2004. The NFTs will take fans on a virtual 16-country voyage through 3D artworks and film highlights.

Overall, there are four rarities in “The First” NFT collection: Core, Rare, Legendary, and Mythical. The following are the 77 Mythical NFTs, in order of rarity:

– 1 NFT for the championship;
– 6 NFTs for Sebastien Loeb’s championship wins;
– 70 NFTs for the driver’s Stages triumphs

How Will the First NFTs Appear?

“Great state-of-the-art 3D NFTs, merging actual WRC video highlights and other generative qualities to generate a unique in-world depiction,” according to the team.

Would you like to meet Sebastien Loeb in person?

Of course, these Sebastien Loeb NFTs aren’t just for show; they’ll be functional as well. Simply holding one entitles you to a variety of virtual and real-world benefits.

To begin, each NFT holder will be entered into a drawing to win one of the following experiences:

– A Sebastien Loeb helicopter flight;
– A VIP invitation to one of Loeb’s professional races;
– Signed rally gloves;
– A LOEB Membership Pass

What’s the best part? Twenty NFT holders will be chosen at random from the PREMIUM collection to win a one-of-a-kind Co-driver experience with Loeb himself. Yes, you could see him in the driver’s seat up close and personal!

When is the collection going to be available on MyTVchain?

Starting May 31st, the 2004 collectibles will be offered on the MyTVchain marketplace. To purchase a Sebastien Loeb NFT, visit the official website and register for the private sale on May 31st. The Premium Series will have a minting price of 699€ or equivalent in BNB. Then, on June 10th, collectors will have the opportunity to participate in the public auction.

What exactly is MyTVchain?

In the sports market, provides OTT streaming and NFT/blockchain solutions. MyTVchain is a global provider of innovative, cost-effective quality solutions based in the Sophia Antipolis technovalley.

If you’re interested in joining Sebastien Loeb’s unique Metaverse adventure, fill out the application form for “The First” NFT private sale. Meanwhile, you may join MyTVchain’s Discord channel or follow them on Twitter for unique updates and sneak peeks!

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