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The formal debut of WonderPals came on February 26th, 2022. The price of the mint was 0.08eth. All formal launch details will be announced on their website, Discord server, and Twitter account. Members of the Wonder Pals receive a unique and beautiful piece of art, as well as access to their close-knit club, exclusive awards and contests, and first dibs on future collections.

What is the WonderPals Collection, and what does it entail?

WonderPals is a collection of 10,000 enchanted NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain and contain over 200 unique features of varied rarity from a variety of categories. Throughout the collection, there will be numerous one-of-a-kind 1/1s, and you might get fortunate and mint one with a feature from your favourite project! They want to make the world a better place by bringing people together via community, creativity, and pleasurable art!

WonderPals Collection’s creator

WonderPals was created by Mina. She is a freelance artist and senior product designer with nearly ten years of experience in design, e-commerce, and marketing, including work for Tiffany & Co., Target, and Pinterest. Her work has always focused on the creation of visual languages and branding, with the purpose of providing engaging experiences for all. Her main goal is to use her work to spread hope. Her charming animals and calm aesthetics have always been adored. She sought to create a charming character that anybody could relate to, regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity, when she initially started designing WonderPals. A WonderPal can take on whatever shape it wants.

Roadmap for Wonderpals: Wondermap

According to Wondermap, they will continue to develop beautiful art and work in order to promote and grow the WonderPals community and brand. They intend to launch an online gift shop where they will offer apparel, plushies, and stickers, among other products and collectibles. They’ll work on a variety of projects with exceptional artists to contribute to our futureCollabs Collection. They have various ideas regarding WonderPals’ future.

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