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With metaverse integration, NFT Marketplace allows producers to sell real-world collectibles.

A unique combination of the metaverse and the real world is transforming global viewpoints.

Economies are rapidly changing. People are reinventing what counts in their daily lives in the face of a global pandemic, worldwide upheaval, and new meanings of money and worth. New communities are growing based on decentralized protocols, and those who use the internet are looking for ways to gain influence and have their voices heard.

At this time, the globe maintains valuable objects in both the real and digital worlds, forcing many people to straddle the two. As the gap closes, it will only be a matter of time before a new benchmark for what the world considers truly valuable is established.

ClubRare is a decentralized NFT trading platform for both digital and real items that is run by the community. The debut of the world’s first premier “phygital” marketplace, founded on a sustainable token economy, will allow consumers to witness a real-life confluence of physical and digital. The MPWR native coin, which ClubRare will employ to reward users on the network and forms the foundation of a new metaverse economy, is driving this aim.

The project seeks to reward early Web3 pioneers by airdropping MPWR tokens to OpenSea users from May 26 to June 24, 2022, as a community-driven initiative. Users must connect their wallets and claim their tokens by listing an NFT with ClubRare in order to participate. The project assures that users who traded NFTs before 2022 are also eligible to participate and receive an airdrop of the tokens. Despite the high stakes, the company is committed to a long-term future, as indicated by the project’s decision to return unclaimed tokens to ClubRare’s prize pool.

The fundamentals of long-term viability

ClubRare’s community, which includes producers and collectors, is correctly recognized as the cornerstone for future commerce and physical distribution iterations thanks to reward methods. In actuality, the ClubRare platform will empower individuals by linking them directly to creators, connecting them to the metaverse, and eventually re-connecting them to the physical world.

With metaverse integration, NFT Marketplace allows producers to sell real-world collectibles.
With metaverse integration, NFT Marketplace allows producers to sell real-world collectibles.

As many platforms enter the market, ClubRare stands out for its dedication to never use unsustainable rewards or promotions to gain market share. Rather, the ClubRare project team has made it their aim to create long-term economies inside the ecosystem. Due to the dominance of a few whale traders who manipulate the entire incentive structure, many other projects have developed quickly and failed just as quickly. ClubRare, on the other hand, is designed to stand out.

With private investment, significant connections to global innovators, and a well-developed vision for the future, the platform is entering the marketplace. As a result, ClubRare forbids token dumping, which has coincided with the adoption of a more long-term token structure.

Furthermore, the proposal shares that 60 percent of transaction fees will be returned to the community to ensure that the community comes first. The remaining fees will be split between Treasury and Project Development.

In the listing, trading, and staking of tokens, MPWR, the native token and cornerstone of these activities, will be visible. The ClubRare team will then use the same token to create a next-generation metaverse and reward-based collector economy.

Where do collectors get together?

ClubRare has already had success thanks to its collaborations with The Sandbox, The Brand Collector (TBC), and Naeem Khan. Each of these will help the project transition from its present stage of development to its forthcoming global debut.

ClubRare is promoting the debut with an ad that will run in Times Square in June, when the world’s top NFT collectors gather for NFT.NYC.

As a platinum sponsor, ClubRare will be present at the NFT.NYC conference in June.

On June 23, the platform will host the Open Metaverse Club conference in New York, where it will make announcements, including the introduction of a global brand relationship.

Find out more about ClubRare.

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