With infinitely regenerating products, the blockchain ecosystem ensures premium products for life.

Despite the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and government rules, the conflict between counterfeiters and luxury goods continues.

The battle between the luxury business and counterfeiters is as old as the commodities themselves, with many people accepting the idea of sellers selling realistic-looking knockoffs on bustling city streets and obtaining quality dupes online. Unfortunately, few people recognise the impact counterfeiters have on the economy as a whole, a reality that has led many businesses to invest in cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the authenticity of their products. When technology fails, brands turn to the government for the authority to seize and destroy counterfeit items in order to control their industry.

Despite these attempts, according to Harvard Business Review, phoney luxury goods account for 60-70 percent of global trade, with digital commerce playing a key part in these figures. With counterfeiting on the rise, it’s no surprise that firms are wondering what else they can do if these efforts don’t succeed.

Kalissa, a new French business, has established an ecosystem based on blockchain technology to ensure luxury products for life in response to these attempts. Users can become the owner of an asset that can be regenerated repeatedly at a cheaper cost, incorporated into the metaverse, and sold in a marketplace by using nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Through NFT drops, this effectively builds a link between the actual and digital worlds.

Kalissa teamed with and SCAF, a French artist, BFM interviews on French TV, and more incoming with companies and artists to support the project’s objective. Kalissa will be well-positioned to provide people with new ways to use their luxury products as a result of partnerships like this one.

A new approach to savour the finer things in life
The Kalissa ecosystem ensures that each drop is tied to an NFT as a deed of ownership recorded on a public and decentralised registry, ensuring legitimacy for collectors. Apart from ensuring security, certifying these assets on the blockchain is critical to the ecosystem because it is the only way for users to benefit from product regeneration.

Users can wear and use their exclusive items without concern of hurting them because of product generation. As a result, if an item is broken, scratched, or requires a different size, the Kalissa ecosystem may generate a new one while merely charging the production costs. Because the user would send back the item they initially had if they made a substitute, items stay one-of-a-kind. When a collector wishes to sell their NFT to someone else, product regeneration comes in handy. Even if the item is not the same size, they would be able to return it and receive a replacement.

Purchasing a Kalissa product during an exclusive drop will give the customer a percentage of their investment back at any moment through the KALI system connected with each NFT, as part of a project-wide mission to bring together consumers, collectors, users, and investors of luxury goods. The Kalissa token will subsequently become available to users. As a result, because the asset would be backed by a limited quantity of tokens, the physical thing will be valued at a minimum rather than relying solely on speculation based on scarcity.

Begin with your passion.
The concept, which was developed out of a few people who are passionate about luxury items and new technologies, has resulted in multiple sold-out drops, prompting a society opening in France and a booth at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit.

Kalissa is launching their IDO alongside international marketing and opening a genuine shop in Paris and other major cities to ensure that they continue to alter how consumers experience items.


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