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With Adobe Photoshop, Clay Friends NFT Partners

Yesterday, the Clay Friends NFT collection announced a major collaboration with Adobe Photoshop. The initiative has yet to reveal the details of the collaboration. However, early footage implies that it will focus on the process of creating the one-of-a-kind NFTs.

Clay Friends uses Photoshop to create NFTs from handcrafted models.

Clay Friends is a collection of 5,000 photographs of NFT members (PFPs). The collection has gotten a lot of attention in a short length of time, which is impressive. For example, in less than two months, it has established a Twitter following of 50,000 people.

Another important consideration is the uniqueness of the Clay Friends’ artwork. These NFTs aren’t strictly digital artworks, unlike other NFT PFPs. The NFTs’ basic models, on the other hand, are entirely handmade sculptures. To put it another way, each attribute in the collection is a real clay sculpture created by a Clay Friends artist!

Despite this, Clay Friends is a generative NFT collection. But how can real clay models be used to generate generative NFTs? This is accomplished by importing pictures of the Clay Friends models into Adobe Photoshop. The artist then uses Photoshop to pluck and arrange the many handmade characteristics. Photoshop shared a fascinating video of the artistic process on Instagram as part of the collaboration.

Clay Friends is, without a doubt, another fantastic example of an NFT project led by a well-known artist making their Web3 debut. Trent Shy is that artist for Clay Friends. Shy is a well-known stop-motion animator with over 250 million views on social media and a million followers on Instagram.

His blurb on the Clay Friends website, for example, emphasises that he is “no stranger to corporate alliances.” This, hopefully, bodes well for the partnership’s future. Especially given how important Photoshop was in the creation of the Clay Friends NFTs.

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