Why Are People Purchasing Digital Lands in The Sandbox, and Should You?

The Sandbox is a decentralised, community-driven gaming environment on the Ethereum blockchain where designers and artists can build, share, and monetize NFTs and gaming experiences. It is collaborating with numerous industry titans, like Square Enix and Atari. Its well-known virtual real estates, or LANDs, are sweeping the NFT world.

What exactly are LANDs?
A LAND is a unique, non-fungible ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain that represents a digital piece of real estate in The Sandbox’s metaverse. These LANDs can be developed and monetized by their owners, among other things. A game, a diorama, or an art museum, to name a few possibilities, may be erected on these LANDs.
A set of nearby LANDs may even be joined to become an ESTATE, giving the owner a bigger development space to work with. In The Sandbox’s metaverse, LANDs are a limited resource; there will be a total of 166,464 LANDs available.

Square Enix, Atari, Rollercoaster Tycoon, Binance, Smurfs, Deadmau5, and other partners control certain LANDs on The Sandbox. The gameplay, visitor counts, economy, and visibility of the games developed on those LANDs – and hence their monetisation possibilities – will all be influenced by the proximity of a LAND owner’s LAND to these big partners and other critical positions.

In the Sandbox, what can you do with LAND?
Having LAND in The Sandbox brings up a world of possibilities for the owner.

The fundamental purpose of LANDs is to host and play experiences such as games, dioramas, galleries, social hubs, and so on, which can be monetised by the owner. They can also be utilised to host events and competitions. The Game Maker programme from The Sandbox can be used to create these experiences.

The Sandbox’s utility token, $SAND, can also be staked on any LAND that you own. You will be rewarded handsomely as a result of your efforts. This contains the highly prized GEM tokens, which are greatly sought after by digital asset creators in The Sandbox.

You will have a say in the governance of The Sandbox metaverse if you own LAND. The Sandbox’s voice will be LAND owners and $SAND token holders, who will be active in shaping and regulating the platform’s destiny through a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO).

It’s fine if you’re not a skilled programmer. You can employ designers and artists to work with you on your real estate and create incredible experiences. Alternatively, if you have no interest in experience building, you may rent your LAND to designers to develop experiences on, earning you some passive money from your digital real estate.

On The Sandbox, where can you get your piece of digital real estate?
Any of The Sandbox’s forthcoming public LAND sales are open to the public. These sales will be listed on The Sandbox’s official website’s map. To keep an eye out for these sale notifications, join and follow The Sandbox’s official social media and community.

Alternatively, LAND can be purchased or bid for in auctions on the secondary market through OpenSea, the Ethereum blockchain’s largest NFT marketplace.

Create an account on The Sandbox today to receive your own piece of digital real estate – LAND!

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