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What Exactly Are NFTs for Generative Art?

Generative art NFTs are one of the most sought-after NFT art forms amid the rising popularity of NFTs. Indeed, the emergence of generative art platforms like Art Blocks and fxhash has spread awareness of these NFTs across a larger audience of crypto artists. It has gotten to the point where some of these NFTs have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We’ll examine the fundamentals of generative art NFTs in this guide. We’ll talk about the following: What exactly are generative art NFTs and what is generative art? Where can I purchase the most popular generative art NFT projects?

Describe generative art.
Generative art is essentially any sort of artwork that is produced by computer code. To clarify, an autonomous system uses a code—think of it as a set of rules—created by an artist to produce a one-of-a-kind work of art. These guidelines may include things like the colours and patterns used, as well as the quantity of iterations and randomization. In essence, generative art is produced by an artist and an autonomous system working together.

Artificial intelligence is frequently used by artists to bring their works to life. The core of generative art is composed of algorithms, geometry, and some randomness. Even the artist is surprised by the finished piece of original art!

NFTs in generative art

In reality, generative art has been around since the early 1960s. However, artists didn’t begin uploading creative programmes to blockchains to produce generative art NFTs until 2021. Simply put, generative art NFTs are digital works of art produced by smart contracts and kept on the blockchain.

Whether or not a code is developed into an NFT, generative art NFTs are still produced by running it. Artists frequently produce a group of images and add a few rules to the coding. The underlying artwork is then generated automatically by the algorithm by randomly combining the images or patterns in accordance with the guidelines provided by the artist.

The degree of individuality in the minted piece is what makes these NFTs so intriguing. There’s also the element of surprise, as neither the artist nor the collector will be aware of the final design.

The most popular NFT generative art projects
After going through the fundamentals of generative art, let’s look at some of the most popular generated art NFT projects:

What Exactly Are NFTs for Generative Art?
What Exactly Are NFTs for Generative Art?

Larva Labs’ autoglyphs

Autoglyphs, a project of CryptoPunks’ developers Larva Labs, is hailed as the first on-chain generative art NFT. Autoglyphs are “an experiment in generative art, each one unique and made by code,” according to the creators.

Anyone may have purchased these NFTs in 2019 by paying 0.2 ETH (about $35 at the time). However, there were only 512 of the Autoglyphs available. These historical NFTs currently have a floor price of 189 ETH (about $230,000) due to their high scarcity.

by Tyler Hobbs Fidenza
One of the most well-known generative art NFT projects on Art Blocks is Tyler Hobbs’ Fidenza. There are 999 NFTs in all, and the least expensive one would set you back at least 83 ETH (about $102,000). In June 2021, Hobbs released these NFTs, which included vibrant pastiches.

Pak’s Lost Poets

A “multi-stage NFT collectible and a strategic game,” Lost Poets. In September 2021, Pak, one of the most well-known artists in the area, began work on the project. The project’s initial phase, “Pages,” had 65,536 single, multi-edition NFTs. Additionally, each NFT in the collection was created by an AI.

Ezra Miller’s Solvency
Solvency is a limited edition collection of WebGL (an open-source technology for 3D animation on the web) artworks that was created by Ezra Miller. In essence, Solvency is a collection of 500 editions of artworks created using the token’s hash. In other words, some patterns and textures in the artwork are more rare due to the hash.

By Dmitri Cherniak, Ringers

Dmitri Cherniak, a Canadian artist and programmer, created Ringers, which has 1,000 generative art NFTs. They can be identified by a number of “strings and pegs.” One of the most popular NFT collections on the Art Blocks platform, the collection was created there. Its floor price for now is 44.9 ETH.

What stores sell generative NFT art

A number of specialised portals have now emerged to serve enthusiasts of generative art as generative art NFTs gain popularity. In the midst of this, Ethereum-based Art Blocks has become the preferred platform for generative art. The platform focuses on “genuinely programmable on-demand generative content,” according to its website.

Fxhash is another well-known NFT marketplace. Fxhash is a “open platform to generate and gather generative NFTs” that is built on the Tezos network. Of course, there are additional well-known NFT marketplaces where you can purchase NFT art, including OpenSea, LooksRare, and KnownOrigin.

Ultimately, if the sales figures are any guide, generative art NFTs are in high demand. Although there is a good chance that this demand will persist, it is still too soon to predict how they will fare in the long run. There is little doubt that the fame of the artist and the historical importance of the pieces play a key role in determining their worth, as seen by the majority of top generative art collections.

Last but not least, as usual, do your own research before making any investing decisions.

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