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Wall Street Fam: How To Survive And Thrive During The Web3 Downturn

We’re in the midst of a tremendous slump in Web3, especially when it comes to NFTs. However, the space industry will resurge. Given the current circumstances, this may be difficult to accept, but the fact remains that winners and losers will emerge from this situation. The Wall Street gang has been hard at work, conducting more thorough due diligence on projects that are truly useful.

The Wall Street Fam: The Perfect Marriage of Art and Technology
This isn’t your typical PFP collection. Even before the Wall Street Dads’ triumph, we knew they were only the beginning. This Saturday, the team will stage a flash sale of Wall Street Moms, joining with the Dads to complete the Wall St Fam.

VibeRater 2.0, Wall St Fam’s premier NFT valuation assessment engine, is available to each eccentric parent as a premium service. You’ll be able to analyse NFT value better than any other tool out there using it, and you’ll be able to spot undervalued and ignored chances waiting to be snatched up.

Wall St Fam is providing the deal of the year in a flash mint this Saturday, May 28th, for 1 hour only for 0.01 ETH per, open to everyone, since they want everyone to win and experience VR 2.0’s groundbreaking features.

The Benefits You’ll Receive
Even if you have to buy one on the secondary market, being a member of the Wall Street Fam has its advantages. In addition to the hand-crafted artwork, all holders receive access to special educational lectures and AMAs from the industry’s best. Holders will be included in the forthcoming DAO.

Tendies, an ERC-20 token that unlocks special prizes and privileges, will be given to holders. Greater prizes await you if you have a Mom and a Dad. Even so, none of these benefits compare to what holders will receive with the new VibeRater update.

VibeRater 2.0 is a powerful utility.

The Wall Street Fam’s VibeRater 2.0 is the best NFT rarity rating tool.

The VibeRater 1.0 rating engine currently uses a combination of raw statistics and human sentiment. This provides holders with a number of tools to help them make better financial decisions in the NFT arena. If you’ve ever visited an NFT platform, you’ve undoubtedly been overwhelmed by the number of NFTs available. How can people tell which NFT is more useful when each one has a different trait?

The pricing engine will be integrated in the next version to VR 2.0, giving users a master view of any price deviation and valuing every NFT in a collection in one glance.

The rarity of a trait has nothing to do with the price of an NFT. Each project can suit the priorities of the creators as well as the unique element combinations that give it its worth. The NFT community will be able to grasp the valuation in the way that the authors intended.

There are thousands of additional projects on the marketplace besides Wall St Fam. You may now unleash your inner Wall Street and take the NFT leaderboards by storm!

Find out more about Wall Street Fam here

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