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VOX Cats, the fourth NFT collection from Boss Cat Rocket Club, is now available.

Boss Cat Rocket Club (BCRC), which was founded last December, already has three NFT collections under its belt. Boss Cat NFT, Boss Cat Rockets, and Rocket Parts are all Cardano-based NFT collections. Boss Planet Real Estates is also a part of the initiative. VOX Cats, the fourth compilation from Boss Cat Rocket Club, is about to be released.

Boss Cat Rocket Club has quickly established itself as one of the most popular Cardano projects. Indeed, three of the project’s NFT collections are in the top ten Cardano NFT collections in terms of all-time sales volume. Furthermore, the project has the largest community of any Cardano NFT project, with 73,000 members.

First and foremost, what exactly is Boss Cat Rocket Club?
The origin collection of Boss Cat Rocket Club, which was founded by a BAYC community member named Blue Magic, has 9,999 space-bound cats. In less than two minutes, these algorithmically made kitties were sold out! The project then released the BCRC Rocket, which had 3,333 rocket parts. Holders with three matching Rocket Parts might then trade them in for a fully constructed Rocket at an official Assembly Wallet. Only 1,111 rockets will ever be entirely constructed.

Boss Cat Rocket Club has become a community favourite during the last three months. In fact, numerous members have expressed gratitude for the project’s positive impact on their life.

“After minted our Boss Cats and Rocket Parts, our community members relate stories of buying cars and making down payments on houses,” BCRC team members remarked. “These are truly life-changing ventures for a lot of people.”

BCRC is also backed by a number of well-known celebrities. NBA legend Baron Davis serves as the project’s marketing ambassador. This is the first time an All-Star NBA player has signed on as a brand ambassador for a Cardano NFT project. Manny Pacquiao, Eric Bobo of Cypress Hill, DJ/Producer Hook N Sling, Actor Jonathan Sadowski, and others have all lent their support to the initiative.

BCRC’s own metaverse is Boss Planet.
The Boss Cat Rocket Club has its own metaverse, known as Boss Planet. Boss Planet is a voxel-based, play-to-earn, limitless communal gaming experience with several in-game avatars. In April, the project will provide one of these avatar collections, VOX Cats, to all BCRC NFT holders.

The Boss Planet Token, the metaverse’s native currency, will be released later this year by BCRC. All transactions in the virtual world will require the token. Aside from that, the token will have a variety of uses throughout the Cardano ecosystem.

In addition, the Boss Planet Marketplace, where players can purchase and trade all VOX assets, will be launched soon. We’re talking about furniture, landscape, structures, art, and a whole lot more! The marketplace will also include community-created content as well as items released by the project’s official partners.

Overall, the Boss Cat Rocket Club is off to a good start. It has nailed its artwork, community-building, and utility—all of which are critical factors in a project’s success in the NFT market.

On the project’s website, you can learn more about it. Don’t forget to follow it on Twitter and join the Discord server for the most up-to-date information!

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