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Visit These Four New NFT Skateboarding Projects

Skateboarding has had remarkable staying power as a countercultural icon since its inception in the mid-twentieth century. It’s no surprise, however, that over the last year, a number of NFT projects have cropped up centred on this sport, hobby, and cultural pillar. With so many aspects of skating to investigate, skateboarding NFT projects have a plethora of options for putting their ideas into action.

Skateboarding, on the other hand, makes sense for NFTs for another reason: community. Due in large part to projects harnessing the power of community, NFTs saw such a precipitous surge over 2021, with continuous growth to this day despite the situation of the market. Inexplicably, vast swaths of the NFT community have formed a type of goblin horde in recent weeks. So, what does this have to do with skateboarding? Followers of this subculture understand that it is first and foremost a community.

As a result, we’re presenting four NFT projects that are ready to assist this community both in person and online.

Purchase an NFT and contribute to the construction of a skatepark.

The usage of NFTs for fundraising is nothing new. Funds have been gathered for everything from medical research to the upkeep of a regenerative farm through various projects around the space. So why not make a skate park out of NFTs? That’s exactly what Fvckrender, a digital artist based in Vancouver, had in mind.

He opted to take matters into his own hands rather than waiting for a city-sponsored skatepark to clear various bureaucratic hurdles and complete construction. Fvck Park, his future initiative, will offer backers digital — as well as physical — portions of this intended IRL skatepark.

A skateboarding NFT collection that is interactive.

Surprisingly, drawing influence from the popular Tony Hawk video game series isn’t the only way to make an interactive skating experience. PLAYSK8 is an upcoming collectible card game that pits players’ collections against each other in a virtual game of S-K-A-T-E.

So, how does this function? Each card in SK8’s collection represents an actual skateboarding trick, complete with a success percentage. The first player to roll three failed tricks loses the match. Aside from the card game, PLAYSK8 has a slew of in-person merchandise, parties, and skatepark sessions on the horizon.

The Sk8verse is here to stay.

With both EA’s Skate. and Tony Hawk’s video game franchises no longer active, the skateboarding video game genre is wide open. Several Web3 developers, notably the creators of the impending Sk8verse video game, are well aware of this.

They’ve published a Founder’s Collection of NFTs, comprising of virtual skateboard decks, to help fund the game’s development as of this writing. As a result, they’re inviting these early backers to contribute design ideas to in-game decks. The game’s development is still in its early phases, but the finished result should be able to satisfy gamers’ long-standing desire for a virtual skating experience.

There is a challenger.

The team behind the upcoming SkateX is another developer seeking to bring a skateboarding video game to the people. They’re starting with an NFT drop hosted on green blockchain Solana, led by game industry veterans from EA, Lucasfilm, Roblox, and Supercell. Over 10,000 decks from artists like L’Amour Supreme, Hydro74, Novy, and Jimbo Phillips are expected to be included in this drop.

Once development is complete, these NFT decks will be playable in-game. Gamers will also be able to collect in-game clothing for their avatars as NFTs, according to a blog post by the game’s developers.

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