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Use AiBook to Ink Your Favorite Book Quote on the Blockchain.

AiBook revolutionises the Web3 world by bringing great literature to it. You can create book quotes from the most well-known writers in the world thanks to this creative initiative. You may now receive your favourite quotes from authors like Jane Austin, Jules Verne, Oscar Wilde, and more permanently saved on the blockchain!

How do AiBooks NFTs work?
AiBooks, in essence, is an NFT project that enables you to create your own collectibles. You can choose from three quotations by the author of your choice from a work of classic literature for only $50.

The AiBooks platform will display three book quotes from your chosen author when you select them. An algorithm will produce a visual NFT based on the quote you choose.

The NFTs are visually appealing, with portraits of each author set against vivid backgrounds. The items also feature collage-like characteristics that range from things to animals and symbols.

The AiBooks NFT collection includes which authors?
AiBooks, of course, has some of the greatest writers of all time. The project includes works by Jane Austen, Mark Twain, Alexander Duma, Lewis Carroll, Jules Verne, Oscar Wilde, and Charles Dickens.

There is little doubt that these authors have altered the direction of literature in general. Even if the world is moving at the speed of light today, these individuals will always be valuable.

Collectors and voracious readers may now upload these priceless gems to the blockchain with the help of AiBooks. The web3 world can now enjoy works by Jules Verne’s fascinating universe or the romantic Jane Austen.

How about the project’s schedule?
Surprisingly, the AiBooks team has already established the platform, gathered quotes, and made collage components! However, their trip through the Metaverse has just just begun.

The project’s creators will run an NFT giveaway and an AI-driven lottery in Q3 2022. You’ll be able to create short stories based on your own particular NFTs before the end of Q4 2022! Of course, artificial intelligence also plays a role in this process.

These brief stories are more important than you might realise. This is so that the AiBook team can produce a collection of short stories by NFT holders in 2023. As a result, the book will be given out to everyone in the neighbourhood.

AiBook is a fantastic endeavour that pays tribute to classic literature in a contemporary, priceless way. Keep in mind that starting on September 1st, you can create your own quote-based NFT on the official website. For exclusive updates, giveaways, and more, be sure to join the project’s Discord server and follow them on Twitter.

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