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Through the CAB Anime Series NFT, take part in the Ultimate Blockchain Battle.

The Crypto Alien Babes (CAB) are back on the blockchain with their anime series, after their inaugural NFT collection sold out like hotcakes! Surprisingly, this is the world’s first original anime series.

On April 14th at 8 a.m. UTC (presale) / April 15th at 8 a.m. UTC, the first episode will be released as an NFT (public sale). With only 1,287 NFTs available for minting, let’s learn everything we can about this incredible initiative as soon as possible!

What is the anime series NFT from CAB?
CAB (Crypto Alien Babes) is an anime series powered by NFT. The project’s first collection included 1,111 NFTs, which were totally sold out in November 2021.

Since then, the founders have given away over 200 ETH in free airdrops and established a sponsored DAO. They have partnered with other well-known NFT projects, such as My MoonBoot!

The Crypto Alien Babes are at the center of the project’s plot (CAB). Since the beginning of time, these tough and gorgeous digital figures have been striving for equality. They must now defend the blockchain against “the dark powers of the 1%” in order for decentralization to thrive.

CAB is now ready to take the initiative to the next level with its own anime series, which is part of their strategy. In essence, the first episode is an 8-minute Japanese-style animation that may be downloaded as an NFT. Surprisingly, iconic characters such as Bored Ape NFTs and other leading blue-chip project NFTs will appear in the five-episode series.

All CAB, MB1, 888 IC, BAYC NFT holders, and those who registered on premint will be able to participate in the anime NFT presale on April 14th at 8 a.m. UTC. Remember that only 1,287 Episode 1 digital assets will be available for 0.125 ETH, so get your digital wallet ready! The public auction will begin at 8 a.m. UTC on April 15th, 24 hours later.

As an NFT holder, you have a number of advantages.
To begin, you’ll be in possession of one of the first original mini-anime series to be released as an NFT. This one-of-a-kind achievement alone demonstrates the collection’s worth. When you learn that anime NFT collectors have fractionalized ownership of the actual episode, the real fun begins.

In addition, the first 333 collectors will receive a special limited edition ‘CAB Doge’ character in their OpenSea account, in addition to the three tokens for each mint, to commemorate the opening of the world’s first original anime series:

NFT “Loyal Doge” ep. 1 is one anime (Part. 1 & 2)
After the first anime season ends, there is one mystery token that offers amazing benefits (or earlier).

Naturally, each collector is free to exchange their digital assets on secondary markets as they see fit. However, after the 1,000 anime NFTs sell out, all original CAB NFT holders will receive 0.05 ETH (subject to a DAO vote)!

This is based only on the first NFT anime. Surprisingly, there are at least four more NFT episodes to come! As a result, owning the original CAB NFT collection has enormous income potential. Surprisingly, all of the scripts were developed and posted on their Discord server. In the meantime, the second episode is already in the works.

In a nutshell, this community-focused drop blends high-quality anime artwork with Metaverse potential. Furthermore, the anime NFT is said to have a lot of value.

There will be procedures in place, for example, to allow NFT holders to benefit from other NFTs or perks. Every NFT owner will also get a guaranteed whitelist for Episode Two, which will feature BAYC APE #132.

The potential is enormous, given the historical significance of the first-ever original anime series as an NFT. As a collector, you essentially gain fractionalized ownership in the episode. This incredible product would not have been feasible without a strong team behind it – let’s learn more about them.

What are the project administrators’ names?
The CAB project administrators are fully doxxed on their official website, which is impressive. Passionate digital artists and a well-known producer with an interest in anime (but not exclusively!) make up the female-led team.

They’ve worked for Disney, Warner Bros., Lucas Films, EA Sports, and Fox, among others. Starseed, the project’s art director, has totally immersed herself in Asian culture, even residing in Japan for a period of time.

Obviously, the one thing they all have in common is an unquenchable love for anime, which is evident.

Start minting your own NFT animation series on the official website starting April 14th if you’re ready to accompany the CAB characters on their unique trip. In the meantime, keep up with the project on Twitter and join their Discord channel for unique giveaways, updates, and more!

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