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Through a private token sale, Blast Royale raises a massive $5 million.

First Light Games, a very talented gaming production studio, has announced the completion of the latest round of funding for its flagship ‘play and earn’ title. As a result, Blast Royale, an epic multiplayer battleground, has raised a whopping $5 million in a private token sale.

Animoca Brands, a crypto game pioneer, and Mechanism Capital, an investment business, lead the investment effort. Dragonfly Capital, Polygon, Play Ventures Future Fund, Double Peak, and others provided additional support.

The cash will be used to build support for the project, attract top talent in the game development area, and expand its community in the future. As a result, First Light Games can go forward with Blast Royale now that its finances are safe, allowing fans to begin a new phase of anticipation.
“We’re ecstatic to have the support of some of the industry’s most powerful investors in blockchain gaming.” “All of our partners share our aim of making Blast Royale one of the top gaming games, with fascinating, enjoyable gameplay and a Battle Royale game that is fit for the Web3 age,” says Neil McFarland, CEO of First Light Games.

Royale Blitz
Blast Royale is a high-octane, fast-paced battle royale in which 30 players compete for a spot in the arena, with only one winner. To see off their opponents, players must make use of their equipment and environment. All in the name of destroying the legions of warriors and claiming the top spot on the Blast Royale scoreboard. Gamers will test their mettle in the Blast Royale arena in this Super Smash Brothers-style rumble, all in the hopes of determining the best combatants in the realm.

Gamers can jump immediately into the free-to-play paradigm to participate. They must, however, purchase and equip three NFTs in order to reap the platform’s benefits. Following that, they will be rewarded with sweet coin for their successful efforts. They can utilize this asset to level up, buy NFTs, and trade on an exchange.

Blast Royale will run on the Polygon Network, with the first interactive gaming for token holders arriving in Q2, and the Beta launch coming later this year. In the meanwhile, supporters can look forward to the public token sale, IDO, and NFT drops.

The First Light Games are a series of games created by First
First Light Games, the company in charge, is a well polished outfit of seasoned specialists. As a result, mobile gaming veteran Neil McFarland is at the head, leading a team responsible for some of the industry’s most popular titles. Monument Alley, Street Fighter, and Merge Dragons are just a few of the hard-hitting games they’ve released so far.

It’s difficult not to be enthralled by Blast Royale, especially with such a diverse roster of talent on board. It’s a pleasant difference in a market where turn-based card games are all the rage for a real-time fight fest to arise and grab center stage.

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