The world’s first NFT Ad platform has been released by a blockchain and digital rights management firm.

Marketers must keep up with the current trends; sadly, transitioning to the metaverse is not the same as mastering the art of the reel.

People and businesses invest large sums of money in land and space in the metaverse, much as they do in the real world, in the hopes of making a profit. This entails fully comprehending the metaverse and its full potential, particularly in terms of monetizing their investments through advertising. Consider that the metaverse is more than a fad; it is the internet’s next evolution, and hence a natural progression for investors and marketers.

Users can participate in another channel in a user’s marketing mix, akin to banner commercials, social media, and now reels, within this metaverse, often known as a digital environment. Given its origins as the next generation of social media, the metaverse is also seen as a narrative medium, allowing for immersive 3D ad experiences that create a more unified brand story. Despite its diversity of opportunities, the new landscape has proven daunting, providing a huge first-mover advantage to those who make the switch early.

DatChat (NASDAQ: DATS), a blockchain, communications, and social media firm focused on protecting user privacy, is extending these benefits to VenVuu, a metaverse advertising and NFT monetization platform, to help the next generation of marketers and investors. Landowners can choose which campaigns to conduct to generate revenue from their assets in a simple and centralised manner. Advertisers can run ads across many metaverses that target the land parcels they want to reach.

“We believe this to be a milestone event for the metaverse,” says DatChat CEO Darin Myman. It’s the first straightforward solution that lets people monetise their metaverse parcels while also giving brands a metaverse presence.”

Existing metaverse landowners can monetise their holdings by opting into sponsored ad campaigns provided by advertisers using VenVuu Dynamic NFTs. As a result, marketers will be able to conduct campaigns across a rapidly expanding NFT network that may span numerous metaverses.

A means of generating income
The VenVuu Dynamic Content NFT allows landowners in the metaverse to start earning money right after they buy it. The NFT makes it simple for users to earn compensated for their work, including adverts and product placements. Campaigns will initially consist of video or static advertising. However, the project has sparked interest in the addition of more supported media types, such as 3D photos, virtual product placements, and wearables, later in 2022.

Each VenVuu Dynamic is an NFT, analogous to owning and controlling a multimedia outlet in their universe. The owners of parcels can then choose to participate in advertising initiatives. Advertisers, on the other hand, can offer landowners campaigns depending on targeted parameters.

Users can also earn while their assets sit in their wallets thanks to VenVuu Dynamic Content. Users who own these assets will be able to quickly install their VenVuu Dynamic in a gallery or venue, acquire access to lifelong improvements as technology progresses, and be eligible for exclusive premium payments.

On May 9, 2022, at 1 p.m. EDT, VenVuu will release their first NFT Collection, GEN ZERO, consisting of 5,000 pieces.

VenVuu is a component of the blockchain, cybersecurity, digital rights management, and social media business DatChat, Inc.’s unique DRM and encryption technology. The team is well recognised for its product, which extends privacy in messaging services after a user presses “send.” As a result, one’s right to privacy is expanded beyond the living room, with technologies such as DatChat Messenger and Private Social Network allowing users to control their messages and posts. Users can erase messages and whole conversations on their device and the recipients while also enabling screenshot protection, making it nearly hard to grab a screenshot.

Since then, the project has assembled an incredible team for VenVuu, which will serve as a solid foundation for the second NFT launch, as well as relationships with key metaverses and a fully working ad platform.

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