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The world’s first mobile NFT explorer gives people a clear picture of digital collectibles.

NFTs are as misunderstood as online shopping was in the 1990s, despite their considerable short-term profits.

With the value of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) rapidly increasing, more and more people are looking to invest in this asset class. The benefit of investment, however, is in diversity, as any prudent investor would advise. Investors can manage short-term risks with a well-diversified portfolio while exposing it to the highest long-term growth potential by employing this method. The only drawback is that tracking these assets, which are frequently managed across multiple systems, is a challenge.

To remain on top of the market, retail investors must juggle various financial apps, making it nearly hard to receive a comprehensive perspective of their investments. As a result, the prospect of adding additional for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) has proven to dissuade newcomers to this asset class.

Delta, a smartphone application established in Belgium, has gained popularity by filling this market gap with its multi-asset investment tracking software. This software gives users a real-time view of everything in their portfolio, including major stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, mutual funds, and NFTs, as well as tools and charts. Rather than moving between financial apps in isolation, investors can now obtain all critical information at a single glance.

Although many application developers have focused on user experience (UX), Delta is one of the first to incorporate NFTs, which come with their own set of challenges, such as managing multiple wallet addresses and staying current on new projects that have been popping up at an increasing rate across more than a dozen networks. The addition of the first mobile NFT explorer, which investors can connect to an Ethereum (ETH) wallet either automatically or manually, completes the Delta application. This will be followed by another update later this year that will include multichain, according to the team.

In the 1990s, online purchasing was popular.

Despite the fact that analysts have designated 2021 as the year of NFTs, many people still have no idea what these applications are or how important these investments could become in the future. “People don’t comprehend NFTs, metaverse, and crypto today the same way they didn’t grasp online shopping in the 1990s,” says a Delta team member.

Many people were accustomed to the tactile experience of going to the store, just as they were to online buying. However, as the globe spends more time online, people have grown accustomed to a hybrid of physical and virtual reality, which serves as a stepping stone to the metaverse’s natural growth.

Delta’s investment tracking software, which includes NFT explorer services, is on the cusp of this shift, allowing users to keep track of their NFT collections alongside their stocks and other crypto holdings. With a user interface that resembles online shopping, investors can explore popular collections and search through hundreds of thousands of NFTs. A global search mechanism can also be used to find new collections depending on investor-specific parameters such as volume.

After discovering a collection that appeals to them, investors can choose to follow just a single NFT or the entire collection by adding it to their following page. Users will then receive real-time information utilising Delta’s price change algorithm when the floor price fluctuates and when an investment opportunity may be available to them.

The NFT explorer is touted to offer considerable benefits by allowing users to “keep ahead of the game” and foresee trends while also reacting to developments as they occur in the NFT world, giving them a competitive advantage over others who do not use the tracker.

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