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The World’s First Crypto & NFT-based Horseracing Organization

Horseracing is frequently portrayed as conservative and slow to adopt anything like the ‘progressive,’ although this is not always the case. CRYPTO RACING is the foundation for The Sport of Kings’ next evolutionary stage.

The horses for the Club will be trained at renowned stables such as Paul & Oliver Cole’s, ensuring that their handling is second to none. All fees and buying prices are covered by a single, simple bitcoin payment. Each racehorse investment is safeguarded as a marketable ‘NFT,’ allowing owners to sell or trade at any time. NFT holders get an airdrop of dollars at the end of the racing season, representing their interest in both the prize money accrued and the horse’s sale price. The full terms can be found at

Many syndicate-style schemes are still prohibitively expensive, but with CRYPTO RACINGTM, anyone may invest as little as 1% in a horse’s racing career. Stakes that are currently available can be found here.

While most of us have heard of cryptocurrencies and are learning about the concept of NFTs, there are few real-world applications, but CRYPTO RACINGTM’s effort is forward-thinking in introducing the sport to a new audience.

“We’re so happy to have brought this concept to reality and delighted that many prominent trainers have agreed to ride with us and introduce racing to a new audience,” says Ed Gascoigne, one of the project’s driving drivers.

The concept is unique in the world. It is expected to entice a new generation of racehorse enthusiasts, ensuring the sport’s sustained popularity and success for many years to come.

The Thrill of Horseracing

All of the Club’s horses will be trained by top trainers and will run in the Club’s distinctive silks. Mr Ethereum and Mr Bitcoin are examples of crypto-based titles for the Club’s horses.


CRYPTO RACING CLUB is breaking new territory by issuing asset-backed NFTs that represent a cryptocurrency-backed investment in a horse’s racing career.

The horses are chosen by bloodstock specialists and trained at reputable stables with forward-thinking trainers.
CRC uses the Ethereum protocol to create its NFTs, which they sell on the OpenSea marketplace.

We are the biggest NFT marketing agency with the reach over 30 million people.

This article is just for educational purposes.

Make your own exploration before making any form of investment, as always.

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