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The Voice NFT Platform has announced a residency programme for underserved NFT artists.

The NFT platform for creators, Voice, is accepting residency applications from underserved NFT artists. The platform is dedicated to helping people who live in underprivileged and neglected areas.

Emerging NFT developers are invited to participate in the platform’s virtual NFT Residency programme. Participants will receive project supervision as well as a compensation for their creations. They’ll get help from a variety of sources, ranging from technical to marketing. They will also be eligible for the bonus rewards programme.

Emerging Leaders Program The programme was created by NFT Creators Voice to keep up with the ever-changing NFT environment. Participants will turn a body of work into an NFT collection during the residency. Their collections will focus on topics related to the world’s most pressing issues. For instance, equity and justice, a healthy environment, future-proofing, and well-being.

“The prospects of NFTs are immense for both artists and collectors,” stated Voice CEO Salah Zalatimo. Nobody can be left behind. We will constantly employ technology to help budding creators get found as part of our goal.”

A Look Back at the Voice’s First Residency Program

The Raise Our Voice subject was the focus of Voice’s first NFT Residency. The projects that were produced boosted communities by allowing people to express themselves.

Emonee LaRussa, an Emmy-winning graphics artist and director, is one of the contestants. Her NFT collection helped to fund her non-profit, which helps other artists get involved in graphic design.

Shan Vincent de Paul, a well-known rapper, is also a local. For his supporters, he launched a new community rewards scheme. Simultaneously, he sells inexpensive NFTs that provide lifetime admission to concerts, which sold out in minutes.

The first platform to provide easy access to the full NFT ecosystem is Voice. It quickly became the go-to initial step for all aspiring designers. The platform allows for free minting with no environmental impact. It also allows you to move NFTs to other environmentally friendly platforms.

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