The Steve Aoki Live Show was paused to let him debut a new Doodles NFT.

Steve Aoki took a break from one of his live performances to display an exclusive NFT he purchased from digital artist Doodles. Aoki paid roughly $859,000 for the work of art, which is equivalent to 269.69 ETH.

Doodles are purchased by Steve Aoki. NFT Aoki tweeted a video of himself performing with the NFT at one of his shows, writing:

I had to interrupt my presentation to express my delight about my doodle! Nfts remind me of my childhood.

One of the most valuable Doodles NFTs is the one purchased by the famous DJ. There are only ten alien Doodles available, and Steve Aoki owns one. On Thursday of last week, Aoki purchased number #2238, making the NFT one of the most valuable in his collection.

On Twitter, he also shared his excitement about owning the NFT,


I just bought the 9th rarest @doodles in the world! Only ten alien-themed doodles have ever been done, and I now possess one of them! Welcome to the family, #2238!

In conclusion, Aoki has made waves in the NFT sector by acquiring a number of rare and valuable NFTs. Before the new year, the record producer bought another Bored Ape NFT from Bored Ape Yacht Club and even started his own NFT marketplace. As a result, he’s been fairly active in the NFT space.

As a result, Steve Aoki has put all of his money into the NFT space and is quite optimistic about its potential. makes no recommendations grounded on its investment/ fiscal opinions.
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