The Seaside Investment Club uses blockchain and NFT technology to empower its members.

Many geniuses have had their abilities questioned. In reality, some of the most famous inventions in history were only possible because someone aided in the development of the concept. As a result, NFT technology provides an alternative to relying on pure luck or the presence of a patron. In essence, Seaside Investment Club’s non-exchangeable tokens will be used to fund potentially excellent projects.

The goal of the Seaside Investment Club is to assist those in need as well as its members, but how?
Art has always been a reliable source of value preservation. NFTs are now being used to symbolize a digital form of art that might be valued millions of dollars.

The project will be able to support itself by minting and selling digital artwork. Essentially, the proceeds from these sales will be used to encourage and fund our communities’ most innovative ideas.

Apex Humanity is the first NFT compilation, and its material depicts significant turning points in the history of human civilization and society.

What is the purpose of the Seaside Investment Club NFT Collection?

There are 10,010 NFTs in the collection. Each of these NFTs will be distributed at random to club members. The NFTs are generated by Seaside Investment Club using the ERC-721 smart contract standard. Then, utilizing Chainlink’s VRF Oracle and a solution based on the decentralized PureFi AML protocol, the giveaway is truly random.

The club will grant Diamond, Gold, and Silver tier memberships to the first 110 NFTs. The remaining 9,900 people are assigned to the Bronze tier.

Other prizes include a Dubai condominium, designer watches, and four cryptocurrency prices totaling 5 ETH.

The 110 members of the Seaside Investment Club’s Utility For Holders will be allowed to vote on governance. Members of the club can propose and vote on blockchain-based ideas for the organization. They also have a say in our charity efforts.

All of the project’s ancillary services will be available to Gold, Silver, and Diamond level members. Seaside Investment Club conducts decentralized transactions with a variety of digital and real-world assets in which it is currently investing and/or has previously invested.

The Seaside Investment Club uses blockchain and NFT technology to empower its members.
The Seaside Investment Club uses blockchain and NFT technology to empower its members.

Learn to Make and Travel to Earn are two different ways to earn money.

Members of the community are given a platform to assist them in achieving financial independence. Essentially, the platform gives users the tools they need to improve their talents while having fun:

To begin, a Learn to Earn an app will allow users to compete against one another in a quiz format in order to enhance their minds.

Then there will be a game and a television show called Tour 2 Earn, in which participants will travel the world using blockchain technology in various forms. They will confront challenges on their route to triumph in this game.

Become a member of the Seaside Investment Club.

To learn more about the Seaside Investment Club, visit their website or join their Discord channel.

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