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The Rat Boy NFTs: Everything You Need To Know About Dystopia World

In his first NFT collection, Dystopia World, Rat Boy, aka Jordan Cardy, is releasing 4 NFTs. A maximum of 400 followers will be allowed entry into the illustrated world of the UK-based musician and multimedia artist as the hidden tale is presented. Let’s start exploring this distinctive NFT collection!

Welcome to Dystopia World
On June 15, 2022, at 5:00 PM BST, Dystopia World made its debut. Each NFT has a mint price of 66 MATIC and is currently offered on TokenTraxx. Built on the Polygon blockchain, these NFTs are ERC 1155 tokens.

Cult indie-rock musician Rat Boy is the creator of the Dystopia World NFT collection. Four gangs are involved in an ongoing turf war in this world’s story. From this point forward, fans can choose the gang they support and participate in the narrative.

Four NFTs, each of which represents a different gang, are included in this collection. Each of the four NFTs has a 100-copy limit and includes a brand-new exclusive tune.

Papa Joey’s Pizza Parlor Punks, number one (MISFITZ)
Graveyard Posse, No. 2 (SOURMILK)
City Squad (BITE)
Hell-bound clowns, number 4, (STREET SPIRIT)

Together, NFT holders will change the course of Dystopian history; this is just the beginning. Future deliveries will contain character art, vehicles, hiding places, outfits, and weaponry. All of these characters were hand-drawn by the talented Jordan Cardy. As the gang conflicts are far from over, start gathering now.

Stories of Rat Boy

In 2017, Rat Boy released his debut studio album, SCUM, which has a heavy punk rock flavour. His songs frequently have storylines and stories embedded in the lyrics. Additionally, they make use of audio recordings taken from his private talks and sounds. He has collaborated with artists like Kendrick Lamar, Tim Armstrong, and others in addition to Dystopia World and his other songs.

In addition, he developed his own clothing line, SCUM, by fusing his love of skating, music, and fashion. These goods have a strong graphic emphasis and feature well-known characters in unusual settings. One SCUM shirt, for instance, features Tigger from Winnie the Pooh picking up new weed leaves.

Dystopia World x TokenTraxx

For the sake of the music industry, musicians created TokenTraxx, an NFT marketplace. The platform reinterprets and elevates the value of music, thereby fostering and gaining the financial support of the entire community. The special interdependence of creators, curators, and collectors is honoured and rewarded through TokenTraxx. They hope to eventually be at the centre of an NFT-driven, independent new music creator economy.

They anticipate Rat Boy’s Dystopia World to have a similar level of success as they have had with previous engagements. NFTs from all 4 gangs are still accessible as of this writing. As the plot develops, pick your crew carefully, cross your fingers, and wish for the best.

For the most recent updates, check their Telegram and Discord in the interim.

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