The OTT Ecosystem:Revolutionizing Finance, Empowering Marketers, and Securing Trades.

The OTT ecosystem is a dynamic network comprising three groundbreaking products: Trader OTT, RHADNET, and STAM. Together, they are reshaping the way we approach financial analysis, marketing analytics, and live trading. This article provides a summarized overview of each product and highlights their significant contributions to their respective industries.

Trader OTT: Empowering Financial Insights and Monetizing Expertise

Trader OTT is a game-changer in the financial industry, offering live, on-demand financial analysis and education. The platform stands out by providing content creators with a higher revenue share compared to traditional platforms. With 70% of advertising revenue generated from Google Ads going directly to creators, Trader OTT ensures a fairer revenue model.

Content creators on Trader OTT also have the opportunity to showcase private ads and retain 100% of the generated revenue. Their profile rankings are influenced by various factors, including the number of OTT tokens held, watch time, views, and subscribers. The platform’s additional features, such as token hedging, oracle and treasury management, project listing, and private ad purchases, enhance its value proposition.

Trader OTT aims to become the largest platform for live trade insights and videos, serving millions of traders worldwide. Its focus on green investments and multiple revenue streams, including partnerships with financial institutions, adds to its appeal. By providing state-of-the-art technology and real-time access to critical analysis and chart reading, Trader OTT empowers traders and content creators to monetize their expertise.

RHADNET: Advanced Marketing Analysis for Enhanced Reach and Results

RHADNET, an infrastructure project based on blockchain platform, offers website owners advanced marketing analysis capabilities. By providing a free script for seamless integration, RHADNET allows website owners to gain valuable insights into their user base. What sets RHADNET apart is its unique ability to enable website owners to send targeted advertisement notifications to three times the number of their own website visitors, free of charge. This feature presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to extend their reach and engage with a larger audience.

RHADNET’s APIs empower developers to create innovative products and tools, fostering continuous improvement and keeping the platform at the forefront of marketing analytics technology. Advertisement agencies also benefit from RHADNET’s precision targeting, enabling them to send targeted ads to verified users. The blockchain-based infrastructure ensures data security, transparency, and integrity, empowering businesses with accurate metrics for decision-making.

STAM: Secure and Flexible Live Trading for Traders

The Live Trading Module (STAM) within the OTT Ecosystem offers traders a secure platform for executing trades. STAM seamlessly integrates multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges through the Trader OTT secured wallet, providing traders with a seamless trading experience.

STAM’s key features include live trade execution, allowing traders to choose their preferred exchange. Lending and variable trade options are also available, enabling traders to borrow funds from lenders at a fixed return percentage or share profits and losses with crowd funders.

To access STAM, traders and platform users must purchase a subscription using OTT tokens, driving demand for the token within the ecosystem. Importantly, fees are only deducted from successful trades, ensuring fairness and preventing traders from being penalized for losses.

STAM prioritizes security and proper fund management by utilizing the OTT wallet. Trades are executed in the background, minimizing the risk of fund misuse. Additionally, the future introduction of an OTT ranking system will provide users with traders’ history, enabling them to make informed investment decisions.


The OTT ecosystem is revolutionizing finance, marketing, and trading through its innovative products: Trader OTT, RHADNET, and STAM. Trader OTT empowers financial insights and content monetization, while RHADNET unlocks advanced marketing analysis capabilities. STAM provides traders with a secure and flexible live trading platform. Together, these products create a transformative ecosystem that shapes the future of their respective industries

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