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The ‘NFTea’ at Rosewood London’s Mirror Room embraces Surrealism.

The new Art Afternoon Tea from Rosewood London is inspired by legendary Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Customers may have creative tea with colourful pastries at the 5-star luxury hotel, which is going all out to provide them an immersive experience. Rosewood is combining augmented reality and NFT technology to produce their first ‘NFTea’ line to round out the experience.

Do you want a cup of NFTea?

The best modern afternoon tea in the UK has just improved. Rosewood London has created the next best food-based NFT by combining Mark Perkins’ excellent pastries, Salvador Dali’s artwork, and SmartMedia Labs’ technology capabilities. Customers will enjoy three exquisite desserts that are so lovely that you will think twice before putting your spoon into them, starting at £72 per person.

Dali’s ‘Playing Card’ set includes the Queen of Hearts. On a crimson sable heart, this pastry combines ruby peach jelly, almond sponge, and glazed strawberry mousse. Chocolate embellishments and an edible queen of hearts playing card are also included.

The Narcissus Metamorphosis is the next piece in the NFTea set. It shows a narcissus bloom emerging from Dali’s egg. The mousse-based confection comprises five vital ingredients that represent new beginnings.

Finally, one of Dali’s most famous renderings is a butterfly in The Persistence of Memory. It represents transformation, metamorphosis, and liberation. Customers can enter an immersive AR experience by scanning the QR code on this Butterfly Windmill Cake. Customers will capture a butterfly using their phones, which will then unlock their own NFTs. This completes the NFTea experience, which was the first of its kind.

The experience formally opens to the public today after media screenings yesterday (11 May 2022). The hours of operation are 12pm to 6pm, Wednesday through Sunday. Remember, there are only 2,500 butterflies to catch, so don’t waste any time. Make a reservation right now!

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