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The NFT documentation for Space Doodles has been released: Take a look!

The Space Doodles NFT blueprint is finally online and may be viewed. It’s an exciting time for Doodles, the popular NFT initiative that features Burnt Toast’s unique graphics.

Every Space Doodle is your Doodle’s own personal spaceship. Essentially, all Doodles NFT holders get access to Space Doodles. It’s the first step on a galactic voyage full of pleasure and rainbow puke. Burnt Toast offers them in over 30 different patterns.
In fact, there are over 200 audio-visual qualities, each with stats that measure your Doodle’s spaceship competency. Spaceship, thruster, nearest planet type, sector, and secret traits are among them.

The stats, which are created on-chain using Chainlink VRF and have a rating of one to eight, are equally important. Piloting ability, mechanical knowledge, and, most crucially, bladder control are some of the stats to keep an eye on. These statistics will be included into the overall Doodles experience as well as future experiences. They’re crucial to the Space Doodles NFT’s success.

Space Doodles is an NFT token that wraps around Doodles. In other words, you put a Doodle in and receive a Space Doodles out. However, you can only have one Doodle or one Space Doodle at a time. This is ensured by the smart contract.

Finally, Doodles has created a project that allows you to go across space and discover where your Space Doodles is located in the vast universe.

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