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The NFT Collection “Kevin Punks,” which aims to capitalise on the current trend, debuts at 2ETH.

Kevinmania is still raging in the NFT realm, as evidenced by Kevin Punks. The largest meme in the NFT field in 2022 is being exploited by these derivative NFTs. They even hit a 2 ETH floor price today, believe it or not.

Kevin Punks is a ridiculous homage to the new improbable NFT icon.

The fact that the NFT space flows at the speed of light is a well-known fact. Projects (such as Kevin Punks) vanish almost as quickly as they appear. Influencers are fired and then reappeared as if nothing had happened. Over the course of a single day, memes get stale. Kevin, on the other hand, is a unique individual.

Kevin is the meme that has taken over the NFT area, for those who don’t know — and there aren’t many people on NFT Twitter who don’t know by now. Kevin, unlike so many other memes before him, has lasted a long time. Indeed, we’re on our fourth or fifth day of constant Kevin celebrations. And NFT ventures like Kevin Punks are taking use of it.

Almost as soon as viral memes became popular, the first Kevin NFT derivatives appeared. And, given the evergreen nature of low-effort CryptoPunk derivative NFTs, it was almost a foregone conclusion that someone would ultimately create a set of Kevin Punk NFTs.

The fact that the Kevin Punks passed a 2 ETH floor earlier today was far from inevitable. The 500 NFTs are still at a 1.12 ETH floor at the time of writing, despite the fact that the project didn’t stay there for long.

You can even join the project’s Discord server if you want to.

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