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The Metaverse x NFT Collection Plans Have Been Revealed by FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona has made its way into the metaverse. In a move that will delight football fans, the football club unveils its metaverse x NFT ambitions. Joan Laporta, the club’s president, revealed earlier this week that the club intends to create a Barcelona metaverse.

The President discussed the country’s digital objectives for the future during a keynote speech at Mobile World Congress.

FC Barcelona is one of the most popular football clubs in the world, having millions of supporters around the world. A visit to the Camp Nou stadium is considered a football pilgrimage. Furthermore, spectators go to the stadium every year to witness it in all of its magnificence, with a capacity of 99,000.

This well-known Catalan football team is looking into how technology may help them expand. For fan experiences, the club utilises virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). This decision has proven to be a big success, especially given the recent restrictions on international travel.

FC Barcelona is now working on a metaverse as well as an NFT collection. “We want to grow our metaverse, our NFTs, and all of these new businesses that exist in our environment,” Laporta said in his keynote speech.

In recent years, FC Barcelona has faced several public financial issues. Lionel Messi, their most brilliant player and probably the best player in football history, was lost to them last season. This was due to the financial framework in existence at the time.

Finally, financial incentives aren’t the main reason why football clubs participate in the NFT and metaverse. The bond that exists between football fans and their teams is incredible. With the advancement of technology, they may be able to unite even more.

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