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Metascapes is a one-of-a-kind photographic partnership between photographers and AI that aims to bridge the gap between reality and the Metaverse. Three landscape photographers collaboratively uploaded their entire life’s work, totaling over 2,500 fully processed photographs, to Versus Lab AI technology’s generative adversarial network. Using the photographer’s styles, colour palettes, and compositions, this raw data set efficiently trained the GAN model to create super realistic landscapes.

GAN has created its own universe in the Metaverse based on every experience they’ve had in every country they’ve ever visited.

Metascapes are a symbolic portrayal of the Metaverse, which includes the real and the created, the line between reality and unreality, and the oddities of the online world. The most attractive outputs of our model have been picked and released as a limited edition NFT collection.

Regarding them

A unique cooperation between Cath, Ryan, Iurie, and Artificial Intelligence, spanning the natural and supernatural, resulted in 2555 hand-picked AI works, including 266 videos. When viewers are faced with an almost-but-not-quite-lifelike person or situation, especially one made with artificial intelligence, the “uncanny valley” effect occurs (AI).

Concerning artificial intelligence


A GAN is made up of two networks: the generator and the discriminator, which collaborate to learn through AI competition.

The Generator

The discriminator is fed a stream of images made by the generator network as well as the real training data, and the generator makes random images at first.

The Discriminator

The discriminator determines which images are real and which are fraudulent, and provides feedback to the generator on how to improve.


Both networks compete for supremacy: the generator wants to fool the discriminator into thinking the generations are real, while the discriminator seeks to spot the differences between real and fake images.


When the discriminator has achieved 50% accuracy in guessing whether an image is real or generated — when its discriminating powers are reduced to a coin flip since the generations are indistinguishable from real images — the network has reached its end state.

Like A Human

Finally, these two AI networks have taught each other how to capture landscapes.

Information about the sale

A unique collaboration between Cath Simard, Ryan Newburn, Iurie Belegurschi, and Artificial Intelligence, the collection comprises of 2555 hand-picked AI works, including 266 films, spanning the natural and supernatural. Although minting has ended, you can still purchase NFT on any NFT marketplace.

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