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The Los Muertos NFT is humming, but the team is allegedly devoid of Mexicans.

Following its April 5 launch, the Los Muertos NFT collection has acquired some popularity. Since its public release, the Da de los Muertos (or Day of the Dead) themed collection of 10,000 NFTs has been a hit!

The collection posted its investment for its holders yesterday. “We have purchased and staked 28 @nftworldsNFT for a total cost of 343 ETH ($1,136,077) for the benefit of Los Muertos holders,” according to the tweet. “More information will be forthcoming.”

The Los Muertos NFT: What We Know

So, what exactly are Muertos? The Muertos have been revived into the Metaverse in pursuit of Los Muertos World, according to their official website. When a Muerto is held by an NFT collector, they obtain entry to Los Muertos World. The Muerto metaverse “provides creativity, exploration, companionship, and personal growth,” according to the website.

Let’s have a look at the rarity. Each NFT is created using an algorithm that combines hundreds of hand-drawn features from several trait categories. The NFT’s rarity can be determined by its hues. White is the most common color, red is rare, black and gold is ultra, and the other colors are unusual. In the case of the renowned Muertos, there are just 12 single-edition NFTs in the entire collection.

Each Muertos holder has a royalty-free license for ownership. In general, they are free to use, reproduce, display, and animate their NFT for both personal and commercial purposes.

Finally, there’s the group. The group is merely described as “digital artists, Web3 nerds, and community builders” on their website. However, there is a claim that no Mexicans are included in the Mexican-culture-inspired collection. Is this correct? The founders of Los Muertos have yet to respond.

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