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The listing of Unuverse on Impact NFTs

We are excited to announce a partnership between Unuverse and IMPACT NFTs, a platform dedicated to bringing about genuine change through the use of blockchain technology and Impact NFTs for good.

“Impact NFT is one of the top organisations in Hong Kong that understands the need to use technology to enhance human welfare and biodiversity rather than the other way around. Working with such a recognised bunch of innovators and doers makes us very happy. According to Julian Gaertner, the company’s CEO,

We will be able to increase the impact of our NFT collection, engage institutions, and have a useful sparring partner with the aid of our new partner. Our objective is to preserve these endangered species in this planet while bringing them into the metaverse. To do this, we must enlist the ideal partner to help Unuverse become the bluechip impact NFT in the ESG industry.

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Concerning Impact NFT


Impact NFTs are intended to finance good social, cultural, environmental, or sustainable development impact. They serve as digital assets for documenting and cataloguing impact activities that take place in the real world.

A proof of stake or a low carbon minting mechanism guarantees that a token is responsible for the environment and possibly even the climate. As a digital asset for impact investing, an impact NFT functions differently from a standard NFT in that it is created with the goal of funding good social or environmental impact. The NFT can serve as a verifiable certificate on the blockchain, attesting to the funding’s use for social or environmental causes. This certificate can then be submitted to the appropriate stakeholders and interested parties.

Impact NFTs are creative because they allow consumers to transform their typical spending on assets and collectibles into a format that supports social and environmental concerns. This allows consumers to support significant causes by purchasing the avatar, artwork, collectible, or campaign image.

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Re: Unuverse

Unuverse is a 3,333 NFT collection with an animal theme that is community-driven. Protecting exotic animals in this planet and bringing them into the metaverse.

The complete collection serves as a decentralised database for endangered species, comparable to the United Nations Red List, and each NFT represents a distinct race from the animal kingdom.

Users can vote to fund a variety of programmes that promote biodiversity and the preservation of endangered species by holding the native token, $UNU, or one of the NFT animals.

Visit our official website or follow us on social media to become a member of our rapidly expanding community (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord).

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