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The last Lamborghini Aventador Coupe goes for $1.6 million and includes NFT.

The buyer receives this unique Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae, as well as a digital duplicate of the car and a slew of other VIP perks.

Friends, an era of automobiles is coming to an end. Or, to put it another way, it’s almost here. Though it hasn’t been built yet, the car you see here is the final Lamborghini Aventador coupe to arrive from Sant’Agata Bolognese. That didn’t stop bidders from exceeding the seven-figure threshold for this Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae. This particular Lambo sold for $1,603,125 as the hammer fell.

However, that high price does not just include the car. By collaborating with artists Krista Kim and Steve Aoki, as well as the INVNT GROUP, Lamborghini has joined the realm of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. They constructed a one-of-a-kind NFT with a digital replica of the real car set in a digital landscape that resembles Mars. Yes, we’re talking about the Earth, but we’re talking about a digital world where the sky isn’t even close to being the limit because, well, there isn’t one.

Kim and Aoki didn’t just design the NFT for this one-of-a-kind Aventador. On the external finish and interior trim of the actual car, they collaborated with Lamborghini’s Ad Personam personalization program, taking a minimalist approach to make it as distinctive as the NFT. The paint is a blend of Blue Nethuns and Nero Noctis that fades from a lighter hue in the front to a deep black in the back.

The interior is dominated by black surfaces and orange trim, which provides a gradient look similar to the outside. It’s based on “the Mars Metaverse Sunset,” which is most likely part of the NFT. We say apparently because the Lambo’s owner and linked parties are the only ones who see it. The movie below, however, provides an example of the digital project.

The buyer of this Aventador Utimae receives all kinds of VIP treatment from Lamborghini in addition to the car and the NFT. This includes first looks at future limited-edition Lamborghini vehicles, invitations to exclusive Lamborghini dealership activities, a private tour of the Lamborghini Museum, and a meet-and-greet with the NFT artists.

The car, on the other hand, will be produced later this year and delivered to the buyer by September.

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