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The Invisible Friends NFT Collection

In the area of growth for new NFT initiatives, Invisible Friends NFT has generated a lot of interest from potential buyers, but when will it be available? The world of NFT continues to expand as new creators and digital artists continue to create exciting art and translate it to NFT, enabling people to embrace the burgeoning cryptographic technology.

Coming out this month, the Random Character Collective’s Invisible Friends Collection is a collaboration with renowned digital artist Markus Magnusson, one of their most anticipated NFT projects. Here is a brief overview of the project.

About the Invisible Friends NFT Collection

Markus Magnusson’s Invisible Friends is a true Ethereum-based animation NFT initiative that is a true part of the Random Character Collective. Markus will work with the Random Character Collective (RCC) to promote this NFT project. This is one of RCC’s most anticipated projects with around 357,000 followers on Twitter.
SlimHoods and Mood Rollers are two other NFT products that RCC is known to have launched earlier. The price of SlimHoods and Mood Rollers has increased from 0.15 ETH to 2 ETH due to the announcement of the third Invisible Friends NFT project.

Invisible Friends NFT Collection: Team

Invisible Friends NFT project was created by Markus Magnusson but is part of the Random Character Collective.
So the invisible friends belong to the Random Character Collective, right? What exactly is it? It all started when artist SlimJim started focusing on another animation NFT work, the SlimHoods NFT collection. As
Invisible Friends grows in popularity – Invisible Friends’ Twitter account currently has over 440,400 followers, and this number is growing every day. More people are buying SlimHood and MoodRollers in the hopes of being added to the Invisible Friends whitelist. However, based on their Twitter follower count and activity, Invisible Friends looks much more popular than SlimHoods and MoodRollers combined.

Invisible Friends NFT Collection: Artwork

If someone can be fascinated by the art of an NFT project, they’ll likely want to be whitelisted and published too. And I saw a pop-up from Unseen Friends on Twitter and I was hooked! Animated images of future NFTs can be seen in the GIF. As you can see the animation is really sharp. It seems light and uncomplicated that sets the art of the project apart.
Original Art is especially inspired by NFT. People love how this project looks so far as it indicates that the boundaries of the space are now expanding.

Invisible Friends Nft Collection: Community

Random Signs 297,021 Random symbols with more than 25 users are fantastic places. The server has a mental health channel to participate in each other as well as active set chat, and has a mental health channel that shares a happy vibration and is one of the many useful features of the advantage of the NFT community.
is useful and friendly, but the MEME channel as well as the works of art demonstrates the members of the discord in the originality of very high originality. Service Server is a wonderful group that can be a part of a humorous meme for amazing art works.

How to get a barrel for invisible friends NFT Collection?

The white sheet from Mint is like many other NFT initiatives, so expenditure of other arbitrary symbols of a group token that receives a twitter space for people who buy a few restrictions that make a friend who is invisible friends in the art fan To encourage publicly access tests to encourage access or for your own tweets, win, all ways to go to public white.

How to accept a Invisible friends? Since the public scandal phase of the invisible friend is still started,
is a large proposal of the moment value, which is a function of purchasing mint and place to join the capacity of mint publicly. If you do it on a whitelist only if you do it on a web page, the laundry cost is not only 0.15 FL as well as a gas fee that must be expanded to a near Methamasc as well.

How do you buy a Invisible friends?

Invisible friends are temporarily unavailable. For now, we only hear that the collection will be released in February 2022.

How much it will cost:

According to the “Invisible Friends” announcement channel, a “whitelist” will be created “with more specific information coming in the coming weeks”. People can be whitelisted “by becoming a helpful member of the community or by having SlimHoods and MoodRollers”. We already know that if you have at least 4 (total) SlimHoods and MoodRollers you can get a whitelisted slot and if you have at least 3 or 2 you can get a seat. Invisible Friends conducts “Bing Bong” (eg whitelist) contests from time to time via their Twitter profile.

How to buy invisible friends in OpenSea?:

Upon completion of the issuance process, Invisible Friends can be purchased on OpenSea which has the advantage of removing the unpredictability of the issuance process, but the minimum price for the collection will be much higher than the price of 0.15 ETH coins. . Buying Invisible Friends from OpenSea is the same as buying from any other NFT collection. This is because you may need an extension-based wallet with enough Ether to cover the listed NFT costs and associated gas charges.

Need to make an invisible NFT friend?

Not only the current demand for the NTF market, as well as the actual plan, as well as the reputation of the project, as well as the fame of the project, as well as the mint invisible friend (if the receipt of ARBORS is considered data). Not only the current price of all other group projects of random symbols, as well as the excitement of the community surrounding the fans, but also snow white, expiration is pretty big. As a result, the longeness of the invisible friend (or other NFT projects of this increasing NFT project) should not be vigorously ambiguous and should not pass without diversification.


The art of invisible friend is very amazing. The community also has a lot of discussions in this project, which is a true positive indicator for friends who are not in a few days, a few days in Mint.

The publication date of this NFT initiative has not been announced yet, so you and I have plenty of time to try and get a whitelist that will make you one of our 5000 Invisible Friends. I am also looking forward to the website and roadmap of the project. No matter how great the design, it would have been nice to have a utility for Invisible Friend owners.

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Make your own exploration before making any form of investment, as always.

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