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The Glimmering NFTs: Your Pass to the First Metaverse 5e Gameplay!

The Glimmering, a cutting-edge web3 firm, is the force behind a distinctive 5E tabletop roleplaying gaming (TTRPG) experience! These avatar-style treasures are equipped with stunning artwork and useful Metaverse features, and they are prepared to rule the Web3 cosmos.

Find out more about their Genesis NFT collection that will be released this summer!

The Glimmering NFTs: What are they?

The Glimmering, in essence, is a set of 10,000 NFTs created on the Polygon blockchain. Each digital asset is a character that may be used in the project’s tabletop roleplaying game, which is powered by NFT (TTRPG).

The collectibles are thus separated into several rarity. Each component—skills, classes, and ancestry—will aid in your game evolution!

A group of renowned illustrators collaborated to produce distinctive figures. Metallica and Iggy Pop’s merchandise has previously been created by designers like John, Angryblue, and Omnigraphicon. They have also worked with DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, and other brands.

Let’s learn more about the fantastic community of 5E gameplay aficionados that The Glimmering debut NFTs open the door to.

Why should you become a part of the group?

With good cause, the Glimmering team has already built a strong community around the project. Members, for instance, can develop their NFT characters through gaming. Your NFT increases in value as your character gains experience points, currency, and loot.

You can earn more money thanks to features like staking. NFT owners further have unique access to ongoing projects, NFT collections, and community-only gatherings.

The Glimmering NFTs: Your Pass to the First Metaverse 5e Gameplay!
The Glimmering NFTs: Your Pass to the First Metaverse 5e Gameplay!

Last but not least, the exquisite artworks elevate The Glimmering NFTs to the status of exceptional rarities. Whatever path you take in the game, these digital goods are still worthwhile in the long run!

Of course, these benefits are all a result of the strong founding team, so let’s become acquainted.

Who founded the project?

Gripnr is essentially a Web3-focused business that introduces 5e TTRPG to the Metaverse. Its founders are a strong group of businesspeople, programmers, and other professionals.

For instance, CEO Brent McCrossen has experience in the music business. The research tech platform Lucid was created by entrepreneur Patrick Comer and sold for almost $1B last year. Additionally, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, a former developer for Wizards of the Coast and the man behind the Dungeons & Dragons video game, is in charge of the studio’s game design.

The #Roll2Mint method of The Glimmering makes it simple to join the pre-sale list. Simply join their Discord server, follow the project on Twitter, and interact with the incredible community.

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