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The WORLD’S FIRST NFT SPORTS EVENT, which will give NFT ticket holders access to an exclusive live stream pay-per-view, was announced today by Global Titans Fight Series. The general public can buy NFTs for the first time today.

The Global Titans NFT tickets are being hailed as a watershed moment in which fans, sports, and technology come together to offer completely new perspectives on live entertainment.

Global Titans Dubai, an epic night of boxing hosted atop the iconic Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel’s helipad, will be streamed live online on May 14th for fans who purchase an NFT ticket. The spectacular event features a star-studded fight card that includes Floyd Mayweather, Anderson Silva, and a slew of other notable fighters.

Fans may now purchase a one-of-a-kind Global Titans NFT ticket, which is highly valuable and can be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges, to commemorate this momentous event in international athletics.

Customers can get more than just an event ticket using NFT technology, which includes future access, perks, and rewards, all of which can increase the value of ownership long after the event is over.

Global Titans producers ROQU Media and Yakomoz Events have partnered up with Web3 experts MintGate to provide first-edition NFT owners with exclusive access to watch the Livestream of these early matches from anywhere in the world. To see the live event, no passwords or login credentials are required. NFT owners who link their crypto wallets get immediate access (such as MetaMask).

Owners of this NFT will also receive Limited Edition 3D collectibles, exclusive video footage, and official media files from the night of the event, in addition to the Livestream.

The general public can now purchase two NFT tickets for the Global Titans.

80,000 collectible NFTs with PPV access are now available in the Polygon Matic or on the Global Titans website for purchase with a credit card.

A limited number of ringside seat NFTs are available via There are just ten tickets left to see this incredible event in person.

Jonathan Dunlap asserted, “MintGate is dead set on making digital ownership easy and available to everyone on the planet” (CEO). “As part of this purpose, we introduced a ground-breaking new method for purchasing an NFT with a credit card.” (Continued) Matt Hoffman is a writer who lives in New York (CSO). There will be no more unknowable transaction costs or manual bitcoin trades.

“This will be many people’s first purchase of an NFT,” ROQU Media CEO Robert Quirke said. We made sure to provide both new and seasoned collectors with a diverse range of exciting digital products to trade, as well as access to live streaming of Floyd Mayweather’s fight. The May 14th live event will go down in history as a turning point in the digitalization of live sports and entertainment. The Polygon Blockchain and MATIC are used for Global Titans NFT PPV tickets because they give the lowest gas pricing to fans.”

The MATIC money on the POLYGON Blockchain emits less than 1% of the CO2 created by Ethereum when compared to other currencies.


Global Titans Dubai is the first in a series of one-of-a-kind boxing and mixed martial arts events that will take place across four continents at famous venues. Each major event, which features world-class fighters and one-of-a-kind NFT tickets, is televised live across the world.


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