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The First ApeCoin Accepting Restaurant, Bored Ape Restaurant, Bored & Hungry

Bored & Hungry, the world’s first Bored Ape-themed restaurant, is now the first to take ApeCoin ($APE). The restaurant announced through Twitter hours before its Grand Opening in Long Beach on April 9 that it will accept $APE and $ETH.

Additionally, verified BAYC holders will receive a complimentary combination meal (see pic). MAYC holders will receive complimentary burgers. Are you hungry for more? Simply go to Bored & Hungry, which is located at 2405 E 7th St. in Long Beach, California.

Hungry and bored removing the stigma attached to NFTs
Bored & Hungry, founded by renowned foodpreneur Andy Nguyen, will be a 90-day pop-up powered by Trill Burgers and Beleaf Burgers. Nguyen is also exploiting the Ape’s IP to develop the restaurant’s brand, as he is the proud owner of Bored Ape Yacht Club #6184.

“The idea is to give back to the burgeoning Web 3.0 community and open the doors to people interested in learning more about this new Web 3/NFT environment,” Nguyen stated. “It is our responsibility to educate the general population about this new future reality.” Also, demonstrate that you can turn this IP into a brand/business. “It’s just a jpg” is no longer a stigma.”

It’s safe to conclude that Nguyen’s idea is coming to fruition, based on the huge lineups of people outside the store. The founder of Bored & Hungry, on the other hand, isn’t slowing down on his forays into NFTs. In fact, in May, Nguyen will collaborate with Kevin Seo to release the Food Fighters Universe (FFU) NFT collection. The plan is to create the world’s first NFT-backed restaurant group and leverage Web 3 to solve present food and beverage sector concerns.

Nonetheless, Bored & Hungry isn’t the only restaurant with an NFT concept. Instead, the award goes to Gary Vee’s Flyfish Club, which was the world’s first NFT restaurant. In the coming months, we’ll see more stories like Bored & Hungry’s as NFT becomes more widely adopted.

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