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The Disney Pixar Pals NFT Collection grossed $3 million in the first 24 hours of its release.

All Disney Pixar Pals were sold out within 24 hours of their release, bringing in roughly $3 million in revenue. Woody from Toy Story and Edna Mode from The Incredibles are among the family favourites in the NFT collection. Fans are currently looking to complete their Pals collection. However, with growing prices at secondary market transactions, it appears to be a bit difficult.

On Sunday, Disney and Pixar fans flocked to the VeVe app in droves, anticipating the arrival of blind boxes. As a result, anyone purchasing a Pal NFT won’t know what they’re getting until they’ve successfully paid.

Each blind package cost 60 gems (equal to $60) during the launch on March 13. The collection appears to have earned roughly $3.3 million when multiplied by the 54,995 total accessible NFTs.

Collectors could buy as many blind boxes as they wanted, or they could acquire known favourites on the secondary market. However, resale prices have already skyrocketed. Investors who want to flip NFTs are making sure they’ll make a lot of money. At the time of writing, the cheapest resale price was 350 gems, or $350.

The Pals NFT Collection includes some Disney Pixar favourites.

Kids’ favourites like Toy Story’s Woody are among the Disney Pixar Pals. Lightning McQueen, from the 2006 film Cars, is another example. In the meantime, any family man would have been thrilled to receive The House from the film Up.

All of these Pixar character NFTs came in a variety of rarities. With 13,999 issues, Woody, for example, is a “common” collectible. Meanwhile, Edna is classified as “extremely rare,” with only 6,999 copies available.

The animation studios produced their NFTs in full colour to honour these and other legendary Pixar characters. The Disney Pixar Pals were created on the GoChain network, which its creators believe is both speedy and environmentally benign. GoChain is also reported to be 100 percent Ether compatible and extremely efficient.

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