The Block Games studio has announced the release of the first free-to-play blockchain mobile game.

Mobile gaming is claimed to be bridging the gap between the 2.8 billion people who play games and the blockchain community.

Developing a video game that is enjoyable to play more than once or twice is a time-consuming process, which is typically attributed to the large amount of trial and error needed. Consider how “delivering fun” in the design of a product necessitates multiple iterations. As a result, some estimates suggest that this procedure could take 1-2 years for typical games, and even longer in some cases.

As the gaming industry transitions from Web2 to Web3, many people are noticing a disconnect between the enjoyable and appealing traditional gameplay experiences and the blockchain-focused experiences found in recent releases. As a result, while these games are enjoyable, they do not present a compelling reason for players to make the switch.

With a series of player-owned mobile games, including Shatterpoint, Block Games, a next-generation game creation and publishing firm developed in cooperation with Estoty, a mobile game studio with 1.5 billion downloads and over 200 million active users, intends to spearhead this transformation.

Shatterpoint is an action RPG game for mobile devices that features a free-to-play (F2P) model at its foundation. As a result, the game aims to educate traditional gamers about blockchain technology, frequently through the use of NFTs, effectively linking them into Web3.

“We’re concentrating our efforts on creating a fantastic blockchain game with free-to-play at its foundation. Our goal is to make the blockchain side nearly unnoticeable for new players, while also boosting the player-owned economy and experienced play-to-earn gamers “Block Games CEO Benas Baltramiejunas outlines the platform’s goals.

Shatterpoint will encourage gamers of all types to enter Web3, discover play-and-earn, and be rewarded with NFTs for their efforts based on skills by keeping mobile gaming entertaining as it is today.

Starting with lore from the game

A smartphone application serves as a link between the world’s estimated three billion mobile gamers and the burgeoning blockchain community.

The story is set in the Shatterpoint Universe, which is filled with enigmatic portals that connect numerous locations populated by untamed beasts, terrifying robots, and other hazardous beings. The Travelers, a guild of heroes created by the enigmatic entity Karluq, seek to connect diverse Free Awarenesseses (players) with Vessels (heroes) in single-player, head-to-head, and multiplayer modes in order to acquire enough power to survive The Shattering, after which the in-game universe is reset.

As the game develops, players will be able to gain digital assets, trade them, and put their abilities to the test in battle, each with its own set of prizes and milestones, all while attempting to survive The Shattering. Players are confronted with a skill-based game categorised as “ARPG” first and “blockchain-enabled” second in this environment.

Aside from capped earnings, Shatterpoint offers a free-to-play-and-earn experience, levelling the playing field.

It took eight months to complete.

Shatterpoint was formally announced in March 2022, but the team had been working on it for more than eight months before that. They’re currently working on releasing an alpha version.

Shatterpoint is currently working on their first private token sale as well as guild alliances. In Q4 of this year, a retail NFT sale, public token launch, and closed alpha will be followed by the release of their first gaming season in Q2, 2023. Shatterpoint’s commitment to leading with new and intriguing gameplay geared for long-term retention of casual and serious players both develops as the community grows.


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