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The ARKIV NFT Collection from Alethea AI is now available.

The ARKIV NFT collection has just been released on OpenSea by Alethea AI, the creator of Intelligent and iNFTs! They’ve made 10,000 ARKIVs available for 0.55 ETH each.


To completely comprehend what an ARKIV can do, we must first understand what an iNFT is. It refers to a non-fungible token that is intelligent. Alethea AI has created a new token standard that integrates two technologies: AI and blockchain. iNFTs are one-of-a-kind AI-powered digital assets with personalities and blockchain-based ownership management. It’s essentially an NFT that has been trained using AI over a period of time through real-time interactive talks. iNFTs are Alethea’s medium for preserving human history and culture, according to the developers.

An ARKIV provides owners with specific tools to help them develop and improve their iNFT. It will also improve their chances of earning money in Noah’s Ark, Alethea’s learn-to-earn metaverse.

Eleven major assets are also held by each ARKIV. Emotional synthetic voices, jobs, personality, art, games, and mystery are among the six categories. Each one provides iNFT owners with a variety of new web3 experiences.

“The ARKIV is an exceptionally exciting initiative for our firm as we approach EPOCH 1, a new stage in the evolution of the Alethea AI network,” stated Arif Khan, CEO and Co-Founder of Alethea AI.

“We’re continuously on the lookout for innovative methods to provide our community with tools to make iNFTs more useful. On Noah’s Ark, iNFTs have a bright future since they provide owners with a wide range of assets, from voices and personalities to creative skills.”

To learn more about the project, visit their official website and join their Discord community.

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