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TeamLuX’s 7LuX NFTs aim to define new luxury in the NFT space.

Building a global community is the goal of TeamLuX’s upcoming 7LuX NFT collection. Additionally, this ambitious NFT project aims to redefine luxury by providing community-focused services and advantages. Let’s discover everything there is to know about the 7LuX NFT collection now.

The 7LuX NFT Collection is what?

20,000 NFTs make up the 7LuX collection on the Ethereum blockchain. In actuality, the NFTs in the 7LuX collection will adhere to the ERC-721A standard. Notably, the 20,000 NFTs’ vibrant array of features draws inspiration from 50 different nations around the world. Not to mention that the collection contains 50 distinct 1-of-1 7LuX NFTs.

So where exactly did the moniker “7LuX” originate? In conclusion, the number 7 in 7LuX refers to both the lucky number 7 and the world’s seven continents. LuX, on the other hand, refers to the team’s objective of dismantling luxury. In order to do so, TeamLuX seeks to define a novel idea called New LuXury. According to these concepts, each NFT is referred to as a LuX, and its owners are referred to as LuXers.

“We have spent time and effort establishing goals to provide our LuXers with exclusive advantages and privileges. Whether it’s contests, other partnerships we’re working on, or brand-new initiatives,” adds RD. Tony, the CEO of 7LuX.

The 7LuX NFTs will go into circulation on July 7 at 1 PM UTC. Additionally, each NFT will cost 1 ETH at the time of minting. Additionally, OpenSea users will be able to mint 7LuX NFTs.

The 7LuX Entrepreneurial Hub in detail

Overall, creating a strong community with 7LuX is TeamLuX’s top priority. As a result, the group established the 7LuX Entrepreneurial Hub as a hub for its neighbourhood.

In essence, the 7LuX Entrepreneurial Hub will serve as the hub for communication among LuXers around the world. It enables LuXers to benefit from community-driven advantages while exchanging information, viewpoints, and experiences.

Naturally, entrepreneurship is the hub’s primary area of interest. As a result, TeamLuX is creating a space where 7LuX NFT holders may interact and discuss what they have discovered on their respective adventures. These could be motivating ideas, novel concepts, crucial leadership traits, or other practical tactics. To that aim, a variety of activities and events will be offered to LuXers in order to foster true community collaboration.

TeamLuX is disseminating its principles, concepts, and viewpoints.

The 7LuX Entrepreneurial Hub’s contribution to 7LuX’s efforts to foster the ideal environment for LuXers is yet another important aspect. There are a few other values that 7LuX places a great deal of emphasis on in addition to the community values that the Hub supports.

For starters, TeamLuX believes that diversity is something that is crucial. TeamLuX recognises the value of inclusivity and diversity in fostering self-awareness and self-acceptance. This is why the Entrepreneurial Hub places such a high value on diversity. Since all LuXers should be able to freely express themselves, TeamLuX wants to establish this environment.

The “Case Method Concept” is another fundamental concept of TeamLuX. In essence, this strategy promotes communication between individuals with diverse backgrounds and professions. This is a fantastic approach for people to learn from one another and solve issues.

Check out the various 7LuX channels for additional information! The 7Lux NFT website, Twitter account, and Discord community server are available.

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