SUPERGUCCI is Gucci’s new line of handcrafted collectibles. NFT

Gucci's second foray into the NFTs field is with SUPERPLASTIC, a company that creates animated celebrities and digital vinyl toys, bringing us one step closer to the future.

You won’t be able to turn a corner in 2022 without hearing about NFTs (Non-Fungible Token). Every day in the world of fashion is now an exploration of the metaverse and the numerous offerings of the digital domain, from NFTs being a part of the Barbie x Balmain partnership to Hermès pursuing a lawsuit against the individual behind the ‘100 MetaBirkins’ NFTs.

In response to this trend, Gucci has launched SUPERGUCCI in collaboration with SUPERPLASTIC, the world’s foremost maker of animated celebrities, limited vinyl toys, and digital collectibles.

Crypto Janky, an NFT drop and handmade collectible developed by the company’s artists Janky & Guggimon in conjunction with Gucci, is the star of the three-part drop. The CryptoJanky, like the NFT, is handcrafted in Italy and draws influence from Gucci’s trademark patterns, emblems, and symbols. On February 1, 2022, both the CryptoJanky NFT and the handmade version will be available for purchase.

Gucci NFT
Gucci NFT

The Gucci Vault + SUPERPLASTIC microsite can be found here.

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director, has launched the Gucci Vault, an online concept store. Gucci’s past, present, and future coexist in this virtual setting, which becomes the location where the two animated celebrities visit as part of the SUPERGUCCI NFT.

It’s an experimental place with references to Gucci icons and the art and design world’s future. The vault serves as a metaphor for what the luxury house has kept hidden for a long time and what it will reveal in February. The Gucci Vault microsite will also sell pre-owned vintage Gucci pieces with their own unique packaging (with products selling out real fast).

Alessandro Michele and the archivists of the fashion brand hand-picked each of these pieces. These one-of-a-kind antiques have been restored and reconditioned and are well worth the investment.

SUPERGUCCI takes it a step further and offers an upgraded virtual experience, despite the fact that both brands are well-versed in the realm of NFT collaborations. Both brands have previously auctioned NFTs with Christie’s. In the instance of Gucci, the ARIA line and the Janky Heist NFT for SUPERPLASTIC.

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