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STRMNFT: A New Marketplace for Video NFTs that Expands Their Use

With its distinctive features and exclusive offers, the new digital assets marketplace STRMNFT has seen growing acceptance in the last two weeks since it opened for registration on May 31.
STRMNFT surges into the scene with a new blockchain and NFT token standard, where many freshly founded NFT marketplaces have languished.

What Exactly Is STRMNFT?

STRMNFT is a marketplace that aims to make video NFTs more accessible to everyone by providing a user-friendly interface backed by cutting-edge technology. It distinguishes itself from its competitors by offering a modern and unique manner for users to display their creativity, whether it’s an image or a whole film.

What Is The STRMNFT Marketplace And How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, this marketplace uses a native blockchain that can execute 300,000 transactions per second, outpacing any other network on the market. NSTA 602 (NFT Standard Token Agreement 602) is a unique and novel token standard used by STRMNFT to mint NFTs.

Users can take advantage of a variety of OTT features to personalise their experience. Support for various channels, having audience settings for NFTs, and so on are examples of these functionalities.

playlists, and age-restricted content, to name a few.

How Does STRMNFT Minting Work?

STRMNFT makes use of its own blockchain, which employs a new consensus dubbed DDPoS (Dual Delegated Proof of Stake). STRMNFT is able to process transactions quickly while maintaining a high level of network security because to this consensus.

The NSTA 602 token standard is used by the STRMNFT blockchain to allow users to mint NFTs and store them on the network. To clarify, this standard includes a variety of tools and functionalities. Tracking ownership history, the ability to mint numerous NFTs from the same file, and support for generating NFT ownership for complete videos are just a few of the unique features.

What Makes the STRMNFT Marketplace Unique?

STRMNFT uses a different way to verify the NFT and maintain the files related with it, therefore the backend process for minting doesn’t end there. This feature is known as ‘Proof of Deed’ (PoD).

STRMNFT processes the picture or video file separately from the NFT certificate using this method. As a result, whether trading NFTs or reading the accompanying files on the marketplace, the speed is increased.

Promotions & Offers from STRMNFT
If you register on STRMNFT now, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

NFT Minting at No Cost

Since its launch on May 31, STRMNFT has announced that all NFTs produced before July would be free of charge, saving new users a lot of money and allowing them to try out NFTs without having to pay crypto fees.

With a $10,000 prize pool, the ‘Love STRMNFT’ Challenge
To summarise, STRMNFT established the ‘Love STRMNFT’ challenge to allow all of its users and followers to express their love for the brand while also providing a large reward pool to encourage their inventiveness.
As a result, the prize pool consists of $10,000 in STRM and GSTRM tokens, which will be split among the top 31 innovative competitors as follows:

– The first-place award is $5,000, followed by $500 for each of the following five winners.
– Each of the final 25 winners will get $100.

How Can I Participate In The ‘Love STRMNFT’ Challenge?

Visit STRMNFT’s Twitter tweet about the ‘Love STRMNFT’ challenge if you want to take part. STRMNFT wants everyone to take part in the challenge before it ends on June 30 at 11:59 p.m. GST. For additional information, visit the STRMNFT Marketplace website!

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