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Stickmen Toys’ NFT Collection Will Be Unveiled by Warner Records UK and Bose

To introduce an NFT collection, Warner Records UK has partnered with Bose, the top manufacturer of audio equipment in the United States. The collection, dubbed Stickmen Toys, will include 5,000 different, functionally enabled, audio-visual NFTs. Additionally, owners of uncommon NFTs will be entitled to complimentary limited-edition physical Bose x Stickmen Toys merchandise. Here is everything you need to know about Warner Records UK and Bose’s NFT collection.

relating to the Warner Records UK and Bose collaboration

Stickmen Toys is an audio-visual NFT collection that is available for free to download via Warner Records and Bose. Other partners include Web3 company Probably Nothing, tech-culture partner Kapsule, and the production team The Stickmen Project.

Notably, Warner Records is the first big label to allow the collectors entire creative and financial independence by giving them IP rights. In other words, the collectors will be the exclusive owners of the NFTs’ copyright and be permitted to market the audio-visual work.

According to Seb Simone, “NFTs present a tremendous extension of the relationship between an artist and their fans, giving consumers the chance to invest in an artist’s future success and giving them value along the way.” Vice President of Audience & Strategy at Warner Records, Simone.

We take great pride in being the first big label to offer free ownership of the underlying audio-visual rights to collectors, he continued. “We’re even more excited to be working with Bose on delivering more value to the project,” the company said.

What is the Warner Records and Bose product Stickmen Toys?

Stickmen Toys is a collection of 5,000 free-to-mint NFTs that includes a wide range of utility. To foster “loyalty, trust,” and enable “the project and its supporters to flourish together,” the team decided to pursue the free-to-mint strategy.

Rare characters with a Bose theme will also be included in the collection. Each of these avatars has a 30-second tune that combines music and fashion. The Stickmen Project is credited for the tracks’ bass lines, drums, melodies, sound effects, and vocal samples. Each character also has unique, hand-painted characteristics.

A limited edition pair of Bose x Stickmen Toys QuietComfort 45 headphones or SoundLink Flex Bluetooth® speakers is also available as a bonus to lucky NFT owners. Additionally, all NFT holders will get access to limited-edition Stickmen Toys x Bose goods.

Holders also reap practical advantages.

Holders can also use the Stickmen Toys NFT collection from Warner Records and Bose in practical ways. First and foremost, holders have a say in how the initiative will advance in the future. Members then get access to “The Playground.” Access to live events as well as the option to claim tangible collectibles and apparel from Stickmen Toys are included in this.

Not only that. Holders will also be eligible for benefits from upcoming international brand alliances. They will also receive first dibs on any upcoming Warner Records NFT releases. On the Stickmen Toys website, you can mint the NFTs after the collection is released.

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