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Stay with UA: A Powerful Message in an NFT Collection

Stay with UA is a series of 3D animated NFTs that each offer a powerful take on the present situation in Ukraine. As a native of Ukraine, the artist behind Stay with UA uses his ties to the country to create NFTs that are both spectacular and meaningful. Let’s have a look at what Stay with UA is all about before the collection sale starts tomorrow.

Everything you need to know about the UA NFT collection.

Stay with UA is a set of nine animated “visual screensavers” in 3D. The entire collection is a response to Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine.

The photographs are unquestionably a powerful condemnation of the situation in Ukraine. In fact, WorldCorp considers the day of the invasion to be a watershed moment in the collection’s development.

“February 24 – the world, in its previous state, no longer exists.” The utopian dreams of those “in suits” shattered the plans of millions of Ukrainians. Many people lost their homes and were forced to leave their communities.”

The 3D video loops that make up Stand with UA are satirical references to the Ukraine-Russia war. They include a number of eye-catching visuals. For example, the “Live today, think about tomorrow” Stay with UA NFT depicts a Ukrainian soldier wheeling a healthcare worker to safety.

However, many of the NFTs in the collection have a more lighthearted or comical tone. Elon Musk, wearing a Ukrainian flag, makes contact with Martians, as does the beloved Baby Yoda character, who wears Ukraine flags in his eyes and wears a “No War” sticker.

The NFTs will be auctioned off on May 14th, with each piece starting at a price of 0.9 ETH. Furthermore, the auction will take place on the NFT Foundation marketplace. Information

WorldCorp, as previously stated, is the team behind Stand with UA. WorldCorp is a Web3 group that aims to leverage blockchain technology to fuel collaborative projects.

Denis Halushko is the artist behind and the Stay with UA collection. Halushko is a Ukrainian visual effects and 3D artist who is 18 years old. In 2014, the artist began his artistic activities by creating Marvel-inspired comics for his friends. He eventually grew engrossed with 3D and is continuing to do so through Stay with UA.

Needless to say, the artist is personally affected by the current situation in Ukraine. Beyond that, Halushko aspires to one day be able to assist others in similar situations.

70 percent of the proceeds from the transaction will go to To clarify, is another WorldCorp project. is envisioned by WorldCorp as a Web3 help portal. promises to provide “country-specific access straight to the people and the problem they are unlucky enough to meet,” according to the WorldCorp website., according to the WorldCorp website, will launch later this year.

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