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Sneaky Vampire NFT Mint Is Now Available, And The Early Looks Are Better Than SVS

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate’s latest drop, the Sneaky Vampireress NFTs, has everyone’s attention today. These treasures, like the original SVS digital assets, have amazing design, utility, and more surprises in store.

The public sale, which began today, February 22, at 4 p.m. EST, is noteworthy. We’ll tell you all you need to know about the drop while you’re getting your digital wallet ready.

The Sneaky Vampire NFTs have arrived.

In essence, Sneaky Vampiress NFTs are SVS collectibles from Generation 2. These avatar-type digital assets, which have the same art style as the first NFTs, went on presale on February 21st. The public auction, however, began today at 4 p.m. EST on the SVS official website!

This time, the SVS community can get their hands on a massive 8,888 Vampiress NFTs. Notably, each transaction is limited to three minutes in order to ensure that all collectors receive the same amount of money. A further 1,900 NFTs are set aside for whitelisted minters.

All collectors will be able to purchase 1,357 NFTs at the public auction (plus any digital assets remaining from holders and whitelist members).

Exclusive benefits and utility have been discovered.

The SVS team has verified that Vampiress NFTs are full of surprises at the present. Despite this, the team did reveal the Blood Pact, which is the most important use of these digital assets.

Regrettably, the feature isn’t totally clear at this time. The Blood Pact, on the other hand, involves both Vampires and Bats, the other two SVS collectibles, according to project administrators.

In fact, the developers listed two aspects that are strongly linked to The Blood Pact:

1. “The Ideal Couple”

In other words, each Vampiress NFT you mint will make a Perfect Pair with the SVS Vampire NFT you already own. Surprisingly, both digital assets can benefit from special privileges by “performing a ritual” to activate them.

Each ritual, for example, will have a 50 percent cost reduction and a 50 percent cooldown timer. Despite this, the team did not specify what the ceremony will entail, promising to share more information shortly.

2. Devouring the NFTs of the Bats

Regrettably, this feature’s explanation is much more hazy than the prior one. The SVS team advised Bat owners to keep their NFTs hidden, implying that Vampiresses could track them down.

In conclusion, Vampiress NFTs are far more useful than their digital Vampire counterparts. Given the huge success of the first SVS collection, we can only anticipate that today’s sale will be just as successful.

Naturally, the price of Bats and Vampire memorabilia will rise as a result of the drop. As a result, we can see a rise in the floor price of NFTs in secondary markets.

The Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT collection now has a trade volume of over 21K ETH on OpenSea. This year, the project has a full calendar of events planned, including collaborations with Coinbase, Gameloft, The Cryptoids, and more!

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