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SLYGuys NFTs Dropped By Sylvester Stallone To Interact With His Fans

Sylvester Stallone, the star of blockbuster films, is now a supporter of NFT. SLYGuys, an NFT collection created specifically for his followers, is his most recent effort. In addition, he is launching PlanetSLY, his own metaverse.

“NFTs open up so much more than art,” stated Stallone. “They provide access to a variety of digital and physical commodities as well as experiences.” I like that it gives me a fresh method to communicate with my fans.”

The actor most known for his roles in “Rocky” and “Rambo” is one of the few Hollywood icons to break into the Web3. PlanetSLY is a film about Stallone’s life and career. Simultaneously, he introduces a fresh and interesting option for his admirers who are skeptical of NFTs to invest in them.

PlanetSLY by Sylvester Stallone

PlanetSLY was created by Stallone himself. It is the home of the 9,997 SLYGuys NFTs, each of which has over 250 fantastic features, such as bizarre weapons, boxing gloves, and Stallone’s huge dog. All of these works are influenced by his lifelong passion for comic books and art. Furthermore, SLYGuy members will have more chances to obtain special stuff.

Above all, these NFTs will provide their owners with exclusive access to real-life advantages and activities that any Stallone fan would adore. Holders of an SLYGuy NFT can even have a luxurious meal with Stallone in Miami.

Finally, Stallone has agreed to autograph only 25 of the most valuable SLYGuys NFTs.

How to Get SLYGuys NFT Pre-Sale Access

NFT collectors and Stallone fans must exhibit their “SLYLove” to be eligible for an invitation-only pre-sale. They must share and demonstrate their admiration for Stallone on social media. Only those who have obtained a pre-sale invitation are eligible to attend.

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