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Setting New Industry Standards with the Bulls and Apes Project

The NFT mint of the Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) is just around the corner! On May 31, 2022, at 5 p.m. EST, 10,000 OG Bulls will charge in. Here’s everything you need to know about this groundbreaking new technology NFT project.

What is the NFT Project Bulls and Apes?

The Bulls and Apes Project is a generative 3D NFT project with a 6-month money-back guarantee that aims to set a new industry standard. As a result, the adverse mood in the NFT space will have little influence on B.A.P. investors.

NFT holders can earn Methane tokens ($METH) by keeping the bulls in their wallets, in addition to the stunning artwork. These tokens will serve as real-world event passes. They’ll also be needed to produce future collections, such as the 9,000 Teen Bulls and 500 God Bulls that will be released soon.

What are the prices of Bulls and Apes NFTs?
Only 10,000 of the genesis NFTs will be able to generate tokens, and they will cost 0.17 ETH each.

Every OG Bull will produce 10 $METHs per day. When owners sell their bulls or move them to another wallet, they will lose all $METHs except for the first 30 days of ‘GRAZE.’ The maximum supply of $METHs is 560 million. When these tokens are used to create new NFTs, 50% of them are returned to the treasury and 50% are burned. This effectively generates a deflationary token, raising its value for long-term investors.

Who Was the Inventor of the Bulls and Apes Project?

Meet Anthony Mongiello, Guillermo Puyol, and Manny Coats, the totally doxxed Bulls and Apes Project co-founders. Their aggregate industry experience encompasses marketing, angel financing, technology, operations, and more.

Anthony, the CEO, has nearly 20 years of experience in operations and technology. Guillermo and Manny, on the other hand, have worked in mobile gaming, software development, and marketing, most recently exiting a firm they founded from the ground up and are now worth over $1 billion.

The Bulls and Apes Project features some of the most open procedures of any NFT project now on the market. Through YouTube videos, Twitter Space, podcasts, and other social media platforms, the co-founders and other members routinely connect directly with the community.

Using their combined expertise, skills, and connections, the team hopes to provide access to education, mentorship, and opportunities that many people would not otherwise have.

What does the future hold for the B.A.P Team?

As the community continues to grow, the team is actively developing in numerous aspects. IRL gatherings, educational coursework and mastermind access, tangible products, and a fully integrated project environment have all been planned.

The Bulls and Apes Project will soon be released into the metaverse. They’re also talking about possible gaming collaborations. To expand the global brand, they will look at fashion, toys, and licencing.

Did you mention money-back guarantee for six months?

The NFT industry’s first-ever 6-month money-back guarantee is now available. This capability is already included in the audited smart contract, which can be viewed for free on their website. The revenues from the mint will be locked up for 180 days after the mint because the Bulls and Apes Project is completely funded before the mint. Buyers can engage in the refund process starting on Day 31. No questions asked, whether it’s a poor price performance or a change of heart.

Overall, the Bulls and Apes Project is making a statement by bearing the tab for this new industry norm. Forget about frauds and rug pulls forever!

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