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Sentimentio: Generative art that depicts contemporary societal issues in a unique way.

What if a one-of-a-kind digital work of art could capture the essence of human emotion across time by analysing current societal issues? What would a generative art NFT look like if it mirrored the convictions of a whole generation? To begin with, there’s global warming, BLM, and Covid-19; but what about #MeToo, abortion, and the refugee crisis? Meet Sentimentio, a project that aims to accomplish exactly that!

What does it look like to be happy, afraid, angry, sad, or surprised?

How can these emotions be attributed to a work of art?

What effect does time have on their visual reflection?

What is the definition of Sentimentio?

Sentimentio analyses textual content from web sources over time using machine learning. In the process, it also determines and extracts human sentiment. To illustrate, each sentiment has an impact on the resulting art form’s colours, brush strokes, axes, depths, gradients, proportions, and designs. Sentimentio then transcribes these feelings into original artistic creations.

COVID-19 feelings captured in the NFT Collection

“730 Days..Flattening the Curve” will feature a one-of-a-kind and limited edition collection of 730 generative and dynamic artworks. What’s the idea behind them? To capture humanity’s feelings during the COVID-19 pandemic, which lasted two years.

COVID-19 has had more of an impact on the world than any other contemporary socioeconomic concern. From the days of ignorance and scepticism to the days of fear, patience, and hope, we’ve come a long way.

Even though we recognise that moving away from all of that will forever be a watershed moment in humanity’s history, the negative impact it represents will no longer be diminished as time passes. However, it will also represent a point of survival, of lessons learnt, and of mankind as a whole moving forward as one in the future.

In a nutshell, we looked at millions of data points from the first 730 days of the COVID outbreak.

As a result, our characteristics for this collection are derived from significant features of the COVID era. To begin with, they are focusing on people’s feelings and emotions.

Do you recall the day when Covid had the greatest impact on you?

You can now own it in the form of a dynamic artwork based on your own experiences and sentiments, as well as the experiences and sentiments of the rest of humanity.

Explore the artwork and meet the Sentimentio crew on social media. Learn more about our creative process by visiting the Sentimentio Discord Channel, Twitter, and website.

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