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Sega’s Super Game project is planning to integrate NFTs as a “natural expansion.”

“It’s only logical that the future of gaming would grow to include new areas like cloud gaming and NFTs,” Sega producer Masayoshi Kikuchi stated.

Sega is considering incorporating cloud technology and NFTs as part of its new “Super Game” concept to connect multiple games.

The news has sparked an anticipated outcry from the gaming community’s crypto-skeptics, with many people venting their anger at the company online this week.

The Super Game program will apparently see the development of a wide spectrum of new cross-platform triple A grade games over the next five years. The company is rumored to be considering a $800 million investment in the project.

During an interview on Sega Japan’s recruitment website, the possibility of NFT and cloud support was mentioned. Earlier last week, the gaming news site Video Games Chronicle produced an English translation.

Sega producer Masayoshi Kikuchi said during the interview that the gaming industry has a “history of expansion” into new forms of culture and technology, particularly social media, with streaming and watching others play games via platforms like YouTube and Twitch becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

Kikuchi went on to say that a shift to cloud computing and NFTs was inevitable, noting that:

“It’s only logical that the future of gaming would grow to include new areas like cloud gaming and NFTs.” We’re also working on SuperGame from the standpoint of how interconnected different games may be.”

On Twitter, some Sega fans aired their anger, with user NotEdgyYet writing, “Don’t you dare Sega, you’re doing well right now, don’t screw up now.” “I’ve said this before, and I stand by it,” matthewhenzel remarked. NFT stands for “NO FVCKING THANKS!” “I’m not interested.”

The backlash looked muted compared to prior times when major gaming companies announced NFT plans, probably because these comments came from Sega Japan executives rather than the US branch.

Members of the r/gaming community questioned the prospective NFTs integrations as well, with “Radingod123” stating that game companies prefer the idea of NFTs because of the alleged pyramid scheme features.

Other users, such as “Bouldurr,” had a different perspective on the matter, claiming that having cross-game transferable digital goods that can be owned and sold is a “interesting” idea that may work in the appropriate circumstances:

“NFTs are a technology,” says the author. They are neither good nor bad essentially. The fear stems from the greedy micro transactions that currently exist in games. It’s natural that the concept of ‘NFT’ games is unappealing to some.”

“However, the concept has potential in certain circumstances. “Even if it was cents on the dollar, I’d love to be able to sell my hearthstone collection,” they added.

In news that may aggravate anti-crypto gamers even more, renowned actor Jim Carey, who plays Dr.Robotnik in the Sega-based Sonic the Hedgehog films, has announced plans to enter the NFT space.

Apart from performing, Carey is also a well-known artist, and in an interview with Access earlier this month to promote Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the 60-year-old revealed that he will soon be releasing an NFT collection titled “Magic Hour,” which will include digital art and spoken word pieces.

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