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Sega claims that NFTs and cloud streaming are part of the ‘future of gaming.’

According to an interview with different executives and producers, Sega, like some other major video game publishers, is interested in incorporating NFTs into future titles. Sega discussed more about its “Super Game” initiatives during the same interview, stating that there will be more than one game and that some of them may feature streaming and cloud gameplay.

The interview was originally uploaded on Sega’s recruitment and careers website last month, but VGC was the first to notice it and translate it. During the interview, a number of Sega executives and producers divulged further specifics about the company’s “SuperGame” plan, which the company initially hinted at late last year. And it appears that NFTs are involved.

Super Game, according to Sega executive vice president Shuji Utsumi, refers to more than one game and will serve as a sort of umbrella under which some future releases would be developed. “SuperGames” will be “AAA titles that cross SEGA’s entire range of technologies,” according to Utsumi, and will be part of a larger five-year plan.

“Several titles” are being produced using this Super Game “architecture,” according to Utsumi, however each product may be significantly different from the others. All of them will be “interactive titles that go beyond the typical framework of games,” he said. Sega executives cited the rise of broadcasting and viewers of individuals playing games on Twitch as examples of how gaming has evolved in recent years.

“I believe the link between people who play and watch games has a lot of promise,” Utsumi continued. “With these possibilities, we’re considering generating new entertainment.”

And, as Sega producer Masayoshi Kikuchi noted during one segment of the conversation, it appears like some of these “SuperGames” may include NFTs.

According to Kikuchi, “gaming has a history of expansion through the connection of diverse cultures and technologies.” “Recent examples include social networking and gaming video viewing.

“It’s only logical that the future of gaming would grow to include new areas like cloud gaming and NFTs.” We’re also working on SuperGame from the standpoint of how interconnected different games may be.”

Another corporation is talking about NFTs in vague words that don’t amount to much more than “Wow, that may be neat” or “Who knows!” “One of these days…”

Sega has been approached by Kotaku on its NFT and cloud gaming views.

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