RHADNET is an infrastructure project that utilizes blockchain technology to revolutionize the advertisement industry.


The advertisement industry has undergone a significant transformation with the emergence of RHADNET (Real Human Advertisement Network). Built on blockchain technology, RHADNET aims to revolutionize the way advertisements are delivered and consumed. By offering free advertisements for website owners, empowering developers, and reducing costs for ad agencies, RHADNET presents a disruptive approach that has the potential to reshape the advertisement landscape.

Empowering Website Owners:

RHADNET provides website owners with the opportunity to send advertisements for free. This cost-saving measure not only benefits website owners but also encourages their active participation in the network. By integrating the free RHADNET script into their platforms, website owners can generate a continuous flow of valuable data inputs. This data comprises categorized real human profiles from millions of organic monthly users across thousands of websites, offering a wealth of insights for targeted advertising.

Enabling Developers and Ad Agencies:

Developers play a crucial role in the RHADNET ecosystem. They gain access to a vast amount of categorized data and powerful marketing tools, empowering them to create new products and services that leverage the platform’s data. This opens up avenues for innovation and creativity within the advertisement industry. Ad agencies also benefit from RHADNET by being able to deliver targeted advertisements directly to real humans at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional market prices. This cost-effectiveness expands opportunities for ad agencies and encourages their involvement in the RHADNET network.

The Value of RHADNET Tokens:

The RHADNET token serves as the driving force behind the platform’s ecosystem. Its value is influenced by the introduction of new data into the network. Through a psychological impact and vesting mechanism, the token price increases, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for all stakeholders involved. This dynamic system of supply and demand ensures the token’s value is closely tied to the richness of data available within RHADNET.

Trust and Security:

RHADNET leverages the power of blockchain technology to ensure transparency, security, and immutability of the data collected. Advertisers, developers, and users can trust that the data they interact with is authentic and reliable. This foundation of trust helps foster positive relationships between stakeholders and enhances the overall effectiveness of the advertisement campaigns.

Integration and Future Potential:

RHADNET’s integration into Trader OTT and other websites creates a robust ecosystem where stakeholders can benefit from data-driven advertising. This integration expands the reach and impact of RHADNET, paving the way for future partnerships and collaborations within the industry. With its disruptive approach and commitment to innovation, RHADNET has the potential to transform the way advertisements are delivered and received, providing a more targeted and personalized experience for users.


RHADNET, with its blockchain-based infrastructure, is reshaping the advertisement industry by providing advertisements for website owners, empowering developers, and reducing costs for ad agencies. By leveraging the power of data and offering targeted advertising solutions, RHADNET presents a new paradigm for the advertisement landscape. With its focus on trust, security, and innovation, RHADNET is well-positioned to revolutionize the industry and deliver a more engaging and effective advertising experience for all stakeholders involved.

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